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VOLUME 6 (1967) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Esel'son B. N., Dyumin N. E., Rudavskii E. Ya., Serbin I. A., First-sound Dispersion Produced in He4 by Deceleration of the Normal Component 243  (783)
Shashurin I. P., Nonlinear Interaction of Oscillations in a Plasma-beam System 245  (787)
Bugai A. A., Glinchuk M. D., Deigen M. F., Levkovskii P. T., Dependence of EPR Signal Width on External Constant Electric Field 247  (790)
Alekseevskii N. E., Egorov V. S., Dubrovin A. V., Oscillations of Beryllium Resistance in Strong Magnetic Fields 249  (793)
Mandel'shtam S. L., Tindo I. P., Measurement of Diffuse X-ray Background of Outer Space in the Energy Region 1-1.5 keV 251  (796)
Vardzigulova L. E., Kaitmazov S. D., Prokhorov A. M., Spark in a Strong Magnetic Field 253  (799)
Zaitsev G. I., Kyzylasov Yu. I., Starunov V. S., Fabelinskii I. L., Stimulated Temperature Scattering of Light in Liquids 255  (802)
Shmidt V. V., Resistance of a Thin Superconducting Current Carrying Filament 257  (804)
Ostrovskii L. A., Frequency Spectrum of Self-focusing Light Pulses 260  (807)
Andreev I. V., Dremin I. M., Large-angle Elastic Scattering 262  (810)
Vainshtein A. I., Dominance of the p and AI Mesons in the π → eνγ Decay 266  (815)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Terent'ev M. V., Circular Polarization of Photons in the Process e+e- at High Energies 268  (818)
Leznov A. N., Generalization of Snyder's Quantized Space-time Theory 270  (821)
Okun' L. B., Difference Between the Spectra of K0μ 3 and \bar{K}^0_{\mu 3} Decays 272  (823)
Indenbom V. L., Orlov S. S., Dislocations in an Anisotropic Medium 274  (826)
Karpman V. I., Self-modulation of Nonlinear Plane Waves in Dispersive Media 277  (829)
Kuzhevskii B. M., Radioactive Nuclei in Solar Cosmic Rays 279  (832)
Buimistrov V. M, Possibility of Observing a New Type of Photoconductivity Induced by the Action of Strong Light on Carriers 281  (834)
Andreev A. F., Contribution to the Theory of the Intermediate State of Current-carrying Superconductors 282  (836)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.