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VOLUME 7 (1968) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Lisitsyn V. N., Chebotaev V. P., Hysteresis and "Hard" Excitation in a Gas Laser 1  (3)
D'yakonov A. M., Ilisavskii Yu. V., Influence of External Electric Field on the Speed of Sound in CdS 3  (6)
Bichurin M. I., Volkov P. Ya., Kovalenko E. S., Sen'kiv V. A., Influenc of the Electric Field on the Paramagnetic Resonance Ions in the S State 6  (9)
Yushko K. ., Krishkevich G. V., Kormer S. B., Change in the Refractive Index of a Liquid Compressed by a Shock Wave Anomalous Optical Properties of Carbon Tetrachloride 7  (12)
Kostryukov M. O., Zarubina O. A., Specific Heat of Anhydrous Nickel Chloride at Low Temperatures 10  (16)
Bobovich Ya. S., Bortkevich A. V., Fermi Resonance in the SRS Spectrum of Crystalline n-Nitroaniline 13  (20)
Vatamanyu V.I., Kulyupin Yu. A., Sarbei O. G., Electric Conductivity of Thin i Films in Strong Electfiu Fields 15  (23)
Smolyakov B. P., Meil'man L. M., Klyuev V. P., Shpil'ko I. A., Kopvillem U. Kh., Acoustic Magnetic Resonance of Cr3+ in LiNbO3 17  (26)
Feinberg E. L., Radiation of an Atom (Molecule) in an Absorbing Medium 20  (30)
Iosilevskii Ya. A., Singularities of the Phonon Spectrum of Crystals with Extended Defects 22  (32)
Letokhov V. S., Formation of Ultrasound Pulses of Coherent Light 25  (35)
Ryzhii V. I., Concerning 0ne Possible Mechanism of Negative Conductivi'ty of Thin Films in a Transverse Quantizing Magnetic Field 28  (38)
Gerasimov S. B., Asymptotic SU(3) Symmetry, Cabibbo Angles, and Sum Rules for the Constants of Coupling Between Pseudoscalar Mesons and Baryons 30  (41)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.