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VOLUME 7 (1968) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Anaskin I. F., Kuminov E. S., Stoyanova I. G., Interference of Electrons on the Edge of a thin Charged Film 61  (81)
Krivoshchekov G. V., Kruglov S. V., Marennikov S. I., Polivanov Yu. N., Variation of the Emission Wavelength of a Parametric Light Generator by Means of an External Electric Field 63  (84)
Ambartsumyan R. V., Basov N. G., Letokhov V. S., Investigation of the frequency Characteristics of an Xe-He Laser with a Diffuse Mirror 66  (88)
Dzhinchvelashvili B. G., Tsakadze Dzh. S., Shift of λ Point of Liquid Helium in a Rotating Annular Gap 68  (91)
Galkin G. N., Blinov L. M., Vavilov V. S., Golovashkin A. G., Plasma Resonance on nonequilibrium carriers in Semiconductors 69  (93)
Ginzburg S. L., Interaction of Electrons with Paramagnetic Impurities in Superconductors 72  (96)
Anisovich V. V., Levin E. M., Likhoded A. K., Triangular Diagram in the Decay Y0(1520) → Λππ and the Determination of the Pion Scattering Length 74  (99)
Demkov Yu. N., Elementary Solutions of the Quantum Problem of the Motion of a Particle in the Field of Two Coulomb Centers 76  (101)
Malkin I. A., Man'ko V. I., Symmetry of Relativistic Problems 79  (105)
Lipmanov E. M., Unitary Structure of the Parity- and Strangeness-changing Nonleptonic Weak Interaction 81  (108)
Lifshitz T. M., Likhtman N. P., Sidorov V. I., Photoelectric Spectroscopy of Impurities in-Semiconductors 84  (111)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.