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VOLUME 7 (1968) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Chapkin V. A., Electric Instability in Cadmium Telluride 145  (189)
Ivanov A. G., Mineev V. N., Novitskii E. Z., Lisitsyn Yu. V., Tyunyaev Yu. N., Diffusion of Charged Carriers Through the Front of a Shock Wave in Bismuth 147  (191)
Klimovskaya A. I., Snitko O. V., Absorption of Energy of Hot Electrons by Semiconductor Surface 149  (194)
Brandt N. B., Berman I. V., Plots of Critical Fields of the Superconducting Modification Sn II at Pressures up to 270 kbar and Temperatures (0.1 - 4.2)° K 152  (198)
Bykovskii V. I., Elesin V. F., Kadushkin V. I., Lazarev S. D., Protasov E. A., Shekel' skii G. A., Photomagnetic Effect on Hot Photoelectrons in Quantizing Magnetic Fields 155  (202)
Isaev A. A., Petrash G. G., Pulsed Superradiance at the Green Line of Thallium in Til Vapor 156  (204)
Aleshko-Ozhevskii O. P., Sizov R. A., Cheparin V. P., Yazmin I. I., Helicoidal Antiphase Spin Ordering in Hexagonal Ferrites with Magnetoplumbite Structure 158  (207)
Goryachev B. I., Ishkhanov V. S., Kapitonov I. M., Shevchenko V. G., Structure of the Cross Section of the Pb208(γ, Tn) Reaction 161  (210)
Zemtsov Yu. K., Slomkovskii, Starosta V., Concerning One Mechanism of Ion-level Relaxation in a Plasma 162  (212)
Kurt V. G., Syunyaev R. A., Estimate of the Energy Density of Subcosmic Rays from Measurement of the Ultraviolet Background 164  (215)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.