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VOLUME 7 (1968) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bogod Yu. A., Krasovitskii V. B., Features of Galvanomagnetic Properties of Antimony 235  (301)
Abrikosova I. I., Shcherbina-Samoilova M. B., Measurement of the Threshold Parameters for the Breakdown of Liquid and Gaseous Helium by a Laser Beam 238  (305)
Dmitrenko I. M., Bondarenko S. I., Quantum Interference in the Resistive State of Superconductors 241  (308)
Grutman M. L., Minikaeva R. M., Mitsuk V. E., Chernikov V. A., Optical Breakdown of Mercury Vapor 243  (311)
Monosov Ya. A., Surin V. V., Shcheglov V. I., Excitation of Resonant Elastic Oscillations in Nonlinear Ferromagnetic Resonance 247  (315)
Levinshtein M. E., Dynamics of Low Frequency Oscillations of Gunn Diodes 248  (318)
Vanyukov M. P., Venchikov V. A., Isaenko V. I., Pashinin P. P., Prokhorov A. M., Production of a High Temperature Dense Plasma by Gas Breakdown with the Aid of a Laser 251  (321)
Grinberg E. N., Ryvkin S. M., Fishman I. M., Yaroshetskii I. D., Experimental Observation of Scattering of Light by Light in a Solid, Accompanied by a Change in Frequency 253  (324)
Morozov V. N., Nikitin V. V., Sheronov A. A., Self-synchronization of Modes in a GaAs Semiconductor Injection Laser 256  (327)
Voitovetskii V. K., Korsunskii I. L., Novikov A. I., Pazhin Yu. F., Anomalous Transmission of X-rays in Tin Single Crystals 258  (330)
Ryskin A. I., Suslina L. G., Khil'ko G. I., Shadrin E. B., Exciton Spectra of ZnS Crystals with Stacking Faults 262  (335)
Voskoboinikov I. M., Bogomolov V. M., Measurement of Temperatures of Shock-compressed CCl4. and of a CCl4-C6H6 Solution 264  (338)
Khalfin L. A., Admissible Mass Distributions of Unstable Particles 267  (341)
Manykin E. A., Spatial Synchronism in Nonstationary Processes of the "Photon-echo" Type 269  (345)
Letokhov V. S., Narrowing of the Doppler Width in a Standing Wave 272  (348)
Fil'koy L. V., Photon Halo and Antibound States 275  (352)
Mendis P. M., Photocurrent in a Semiconductor Without a Symmetry Center 278  (355)
Gol'danskii V. I., Method for Direct Observation of the Giant Magnetic Fields Produced at a Nucleus by a Hole in the K Shell 280  (357)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.