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VOLUME 10 (1969) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Rybakov A. P. , Corresponding States in Shock Compression of Metals 1  (3)
Basov N. G. , Gromov V. V., Koshelev E. L., Markin E. P., Oraevskii A. N., Emission Stimulated by Explosion of HN3 in CO2 2  (5)
Zaitsev A. N., Zvezdin A. K., Influence of Interaction of Hot Electrons with Quasidiscrete Levels on the Current- voltage Characteristic of a Semiconductor 4  (8)
Naumovets A. G., Fedorus A. G., Orders-disorder Transitions in Adsorbed Monatomi” Sodium Films 6  (11)
Belov Ž. P., Levitin R. Z., Ponomarev B.K., Popov Yu. F., Influence of "Induced" Angular Magnetic Structure on the Magnetostriction of Dysprosium Iron Garnets 8  (13)
Troitskii O. A., Electromechanical Effect in Metals 11  (18)
Naberezhnykh V. P., Dan'shin N. K., Fine Structure of Cyclotron Resonance Lines of Cadmium 14  (22)
Karchevskii A. I. , Averin V. G., Bezmel'nitsyn V. N., Plasma Heating by an Electron Beam Produced in a Turbulent Linear Discharge 17  (26)
Alekseev M. E., Sondaevskii V. P. , Some Singularities of the Kinetics of a Current Pinch 20  (31)
Krinchik S. S., Gushchin V. S. , Magnetooptical Effect of Change of Electronic Structure of a Ferromagnetic Metal Following Rotation of the Magnetization Vector 24  (35)
Begzhanov R. B., Akhrarov S. M., Investigation of Highly Excited Levels of Nuclei with the Aid of Neutron-Capture Gamma Rays 26  (39)
Burmasov V. S. , Dolgov-Savel'ev G. G., Polyakov V. A., Chumak G. M. , Quantum Yield of Generation of an H2 + F2 Mixture 28  (42)
Brovman E. G. , Kagan Yu. , Kholan A. , Equation of State of Alkali Metals 30  (45)
Azbel M. Ya., Blank A. Ya., Magnetic Surface Levels in Superconductors 32  (49)
Ioffe B.L., Can Electromagnetic Interactions of W Bosons Cut off Weak Interactions? 36  (53)
Longair M. S., Syunyaev R. A., Origin of Background X-Radiation 38  (56)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.