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VOLUME 10 (1969) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gorobets B. S. , Dubinchuk V. T., Shamovskii L. M. , Luminescence and Electron-microscopic Investigation of Molecular Complexes in the NaCl:EuCl2 Crystal Phosphors. 41  (65)
Mandzhavidze A. G., Kharadze R. A., Temperature Dependence of the Pitch of the Magnetic Helix in Rare-earth Metals 44  (68)
Rozhkov A. M. , Sinel'nikov K. N., Suprunenko V. A., Farenik V. I., Vlasov V. V. , Resonance Excitation of Ion-cyclotron Oscillations in a Rotating Plasma 46  (71)
Volkenshtein N. V. , Ugodnikova L. A., Tsiovkin Yu. N. , Reversal of the Sign of the Low temperature Thermal Emf and the Kondo Effect 48  (75)
Kondorskii E. I. , Vasil'eva R. P., Arkhipov Yu. N., Cherfimushkina A. V. , Investigation of the Normal and Anomalous Nernst-Ettinshausen Effects in Ferromagnetic Metals 49  (78)
Ishkhanov B. S. , Kapitonov I. M., Lazutin E. V., Piskarev I. M., Shevchenko O. P., Giant Dipole Resonance for the Nucleus 118Ta 51  (80)
Konyukhov V. K. , Matrosov I. V. , Prokhorov A. M. , Shalunov D. T., Shirokov N. N. , Vibrational Relaxation of C02 and N2 Molecules in an Expanding Supersonic Gas Jet 53  (84)
Berman I. V., Brandt N. B., Superconductivity of Arsenic at High Pressures 55  (88)
Vainshtein A. I., Ioffe B. L., Divirgences of Amplitudes of Weak Nonleptonic Processes in the Theory with an Intermediate Boson 57  (91)
Mel'nikov V. I., Rashba E.I., Bound Polaron and Phonon States 60  (95)
Zyryanov P.S., Okulov V. I. , Silin V. P. , Paramagnetic Absorption of Ultrasound (US) by Conduction Electrons in a Quantizing Magnetic Field 62  (98)
Kadomtsev B. B., Pogutse D. P., Plasma Diffusion in Stellarators 64  (101)
Alekseev A. I., Evseev I. V. , Determination of the Level Widths of Gas Molecules by the Photon-echo Method 67  (105)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.