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VOLUME 10 (1969) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Askar'yan G. A., Studenov V. B. , "Banana" Self Focusing of Beams 71  (113)
Alekseevskii N. E. , Bertel' K. Kh., Dubrovin A. V. , Concerning the Fermi Surface of Niobium 74  (116)
Vdovin V. L. , Rusanov V. D., Frank-Kamenetskii D. A., Critical Fields and Structure of ion-acousti” Instability of the Plasma of an Induction High-frequency Discharge in Ó2, Ar, and Hg in a Magnetic Field 76  (120)
Igosheva T. N. , Hall Coefficients of Ferromagnets in the Paraprocess Region 79  (125)
Artsimovich L. A. , Anashin A. M., Gorbunov E. P., Ivanov D. P., Petrov M. P., Strelkov V. S. , Ion Heating in the Tokamak-3 Setup 82  (130)
Ogurtsov V. I., Bydin Yu. F. , Excitation of Autoionization States of Alkali-metal Atoms in Slow Collisions with Inert-gas Atoms 85  (134)
Aref'ev I. M., Shilin N. V. , Gravitational Effect in Interference Spectra of the Fine Structure of the Rayleigh Line 87  (138)
Ioffe B. L. , Longitudinal Distances in Gamma Quantum Scattering and Asymptotic Electroproduction Cross Sections 90  (143)
Genkin V. M. , Genkin G. M. , Zil'berberg V. V. , Raman Scattering of an Electromagnetic Wave of Frequency much Lower than the Characteristic Transition Frequency in Semiconductors 93  (147)
Iroshnikov G. S. , Nikitin Yu. P., Chernov A. S., The Process γπ → ππ in the Veneziano Model and the Possibility of Its Study in the Reactions π → 2π in the Coulomb Field of Nuclei 95  (150)
Kuznetsova T. I. , Phasing of the Spectrum and Short Light Pulses in Stimulated Raman Scattering 98  (153)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.