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VOLUME 10 (1969) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Rabin'kin A. G., Tonkov E. Yu. , Superconductivity of Tl-Sn and Pb-Sn Alloys Subjected to High Pressures. 183  (289)
Bar'yakhtar V.G., Galkin A. A., Kovner S. N., Popov V. A., Antiferromagnetic Resonance in Copper -Chloride Di hydride at Low Frequencies Following Turning of the Sublattice Magnetic Moments 184  (292)
Beterov I. M. , Matyugin Yu. A., Chebotaev V. P., Line Shape of Resonant Stimulated Raman Scattering in Neon 187  (296)
Solov'ev E. S., Il'in R. N. , Oparin V. A. , Serenkov I.T., Fedorenko N. V., Formation of Highly Excited Atoms in the Charge Exchange Process 190  (300)
Vavilov V. S. , Zayats V. A., Murzin V. N., Resonant Absorption, Scattering, and Emission of Electron-hole Drops in Germanium in the ; Region of Their Plasma Frequency 192  (304)
Bagaev V.S., Galkina T. I. , Gogolin O. V., Keldysh L. V. , Motion of Electron-hole Drops in Germanium. 195  (309)
Mak A. A., Fromzel' V. A., Observation of Self-synchronization of Transverse Modes in a Solid-state Laser. 199  (313)
Prozorova L. A., Borovik-Romanov A. S., Paramagnetic Excitation of Spin Waves' in Anti ferromagnetic CaMnF3 201  (316)
Kaplan S. A., Eidman V. Ya. , Magnetorelativistic Model of a Pulsar Pulse 203  (320)
Balkarei Yu.I., Baru V. G., Hybrid Surface Plasmons on a Metal -semiconductor Boundary 206  (324)
Kastal'skii A. A. , New Optical and Electric Effects in a Standing Light Wave 209  (328)
Karmanov V. A., Lobov G. A., Violation of P-parity in Inelastic Scattering Reactions with Photon Emission 212  (332)
Kaganov M. I. , Selective Transparency of ferromagnetic Films 214  (336)
Shcherbin V Yu. P. , Agreement Between the Experimental Data Describing the Electromagnetic Form Factor of the Pion 217  (340)
Achasov N. N., Shestakov G. N., Vector Dominance and Production of \pi^\pm Mesons by Polarized Photons at High Energies 220  (344)
Kulikov G. V. , Fomin Yu. A., Khristiansen G. B., New Possibility of Explaining the Complex Form of the Energy Spectrum of Ultrahigh Energy Primary Cosmit Rays 222  (347)
Galeev A. A. , Influence of Temperature Perturbations on Plasma Diffusion in Toroidal Systems 225  (353)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.