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VOLUME 10 (1969) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Krivoruchko S. M., Kornilov E. A., Excitation of Low-frequency Oscillations and Control of Two-stream Instability Spectra 299  (465)
Danishevskii A. M. , Kastal'skii A. A., Ryvkin B. S., Ryvkin S. M., Yaroshetskii I. O. , Intraband Conductivity in p-Ge 302  (470)
Ogrin Yu. F. , New Method of Observing the Pressure of Light 304  (473)
Varfolomeev A. A. , Glebov V. I. , Denisov E. I. , Korolevich Yu.B., Shower Spectrometers with Radiators of Thallium Halide Salts 306  (477)
Basov N. G. , Kryukov P. G., Letokhov V. S., Matveets Yu. A., Chekalin S. V., Amplification of an Ultrashort Pulse in a Two-component Medium 308  (479)
Sanikidze D. G., Shaanova A. N. , Fourth Sound in Fermi-Bose Quantum Liquids 310  (482)
Geshkenbein B. V., Terent'ev M. V., Macroscopic Causality-violation Effects in the Lee and Wick Theory With Indefinite Metric 312  (485)
Kulik I.O., Fluctuation Conductivity of a Tunnel Contact at Temperatures Above Critical 313  (488)
Goreslavskii S. P., Elesin V. F., ElectriÓ Properties of a Semiconductor in the Field of a Strong Electromagnetic Wave 316  (491)
Lavrent'ev G. Ya., Gravitational Resonant Detector with Two Degrees of Freedom 318  (495)
Ansel'm A. A. , Lipatov L. N., Winbow G. A., Three-particle Production Amplitude at High Energies and Large Momentum Transfers 321  (499)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.