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VOLUME 10 (1969) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
D'yakov Yu.E., Estimate of Line Width of Stimulated Mandel'stam-Brilluoin and Raman Scattering of Light in Saturation 347  (454)
Rodionov S. N. , Sannikov B. P. , Solodov E.P., Electric Drift of Positrons In Helium. 325  (509)
Maksimenkov P.P., Surin V.V., Observation of High-frequency Oscillations in Strong Excitation of Ferromagnetic α-Fe2O3 326  (511)
Golovashkin A.I., Levchenko I.S., Leksina I.E., Motulevich G.P., Shubin A.A., Correlation of the Critical Superconducting-transition Temperature with the Conduction-electron Concentration in V-Ga and Nb-Ti Alloys 328  (515)
Zakharcnenya B.P., Ryskin A. Ya., Stepanov Yu. A., Change of Population of Zeeman Sublevels of the Excited State of CaF2:Eu2+ Pumped with Polarized Light 330  (517)
Brandt N.B., Svistov E.A., Svistov E.A., Galkin V.Yu., Deviation from Ohm's Law and RF Generation in Bi-Sb Alloys in Strong Electric Fields at Helium Temperatures. 332  (521)
Bezuglyi P. A., Burma N. G. , Dispersion of Sound Velocity in Gallium in Strong Magnetic Fields 334  (523)
Drabkin G. M. , Trunov V. A., Shchebetov A. F. , Investigation of the Domain Structure of Silicon Iron with the Aid of Polarized Neutrons 336  (527)
Ogurtsov G. N. , Flaks I.P., Avakyan S.V., Angular Distribution of Electrons Released in Atomic Collisions 338  (532)
Aref'ev I.M., One New Method of Determining the Diffusion Coefficient in Gas Mixtures 340  (535)
Kudryavtsev A.E., On the Lifetime of 3HΛ 342  (537)
Maleev S. V., Ruban V. A., Trunov V. A. , Resonant Depolarization of Neutrons by the Domain Structure in Ferromagnets 345  (541)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.