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VOLUME 7 (1968) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Aref'ev I. M., Velocity of Hypersound and Dispersion of Speed of Sound Near the Critical Stratification Point of a Binary Solution of Triethylamine in Water 285  (361)
Ivanov A. G., Mineev V. M., Tyunyaev Yu. N., Lisitsyn Yu. V., Novitskii E. Z., Transition Conduction Zone in Trinitrotoluene Behind the Front of a Shock Wave 288  (365)
Kirillov G. A., Kormer S. B., Sinitsyn M. V., Equilibrium Radiation of Shock- compressed Ionic Crystals 290  (368)
Lyubutin I. S., Makarov V. A., Makarov B. F., Povitskii V. A., Change of Effective Magnetic Field at the Sn119 Nucleus in Gadolinium Garnet on Going Through the Compensation Point 291  (370)
Mandzhavidze Z. Sh., Dzhavrishyili A. K., Roinishvili V. N., Helium Discharge-condensation Chamber 294  (373)
Garber R. I., Dolya G. P., Kolyada V. M., Modlin A. A., Fedorenko A. I., Radiation Sputtering of a Single Crystal of Gold by Fast Neutrons 296  (375)
Litvinenko Yu. G., Eremenko V. V., Garber T. I., Part Played by Magnons in the Absorption of Light by Antiferromagnetic α-Oxygen 298  (378)
Zakharchenya V. P., Rusanov I. B., Ryskin A. Ya., Excitation of Forbidden and Allowed Radiative Transitions in a CaF2:Dy2+ Crystal in a Magnetic Field 301  (382)
Volkov D. V., Phenomenological Baryon-meson Interaction Lagrangian that is Invariant Against the Chiral Group SU(3) x su(3) 303  (385)
Kapitza S. P., Scattering of an Electron Near the Focus of a Laser 305  (387)
Nguyen Van Hieu, Lower Bound of Elastic Scattering at a Fixed Momentum Transfer 308  (391)
Iroshnikov G. S., Nikitin Yu. P., Production of Pseudoscalar Mesons in the Coulomb Field of the Nucleus and the Possibility of Observing the Photoproduction of Mesons from Mesons 311  (393)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.