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VOLUME 8 (1968) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Boronin A.P. Medvedev Yu.A., Stepanov B. M. , Explosion in an External Electric Field 101  (169)
Aseev G. I. , Kats M. L., Nikol'skii V.K., Multiphonon Excitation of the Photoconductivity in Alkali-Halide Ciystals by Laser Emission 103  (174)
Basov N. G., Gavrilina D.K., Leonov Yu. S., Sautkin V.A., Influence of Stimulated Emission on the Formation of Molecular Iodine 106  (178)
Androsenko Kh.D., Smirenkin G.N., Angular Anisotropy of Fission of U238 by Neutrons Near Threshold. 108  (181)
Aleksandrov B. M. , Kalyamin A. V. , Krivozhanskiy A. S. , Lur'e B. G., Murin A. N., Romanov Yu. F. , Mossbauer Effect on Np237 111  (186)
Ivanchenko Yu.M., Zil'berman L.A., Destruction of Josephson Current by Fluctuations 113  (189)
Gurevich A. V., Occurrence of Strong Discontinuities in a Plasma Moving in a Magnetic Field 115  (193)
Belyakov V. A. , Bubelev E. G., Kuznetsova E. S. , Use of Images of Velocity Space to Study the Kinematics of π-p Interactions at 7.5 GeV with Identified Proton 118  (197)
Varuzhan Baluni, Nguyen Van Hieu, Lower Limit of the Elastic Scattering Amplitude at Fixed Momentum Transfer, II 122  (203)
Gerasimov S. B. , Vector Dominance, ω-φ Mixing, and Suppression of φ-Meson Photoproduction 123  (205)
Afanas'ev Yu. V. , Belenov E. M., . Krokhin O.N. , Gascade Ionization of Gas in a High-intensity Light Field 126  (209)
Akhiezer I. A., Belozorov D. P., Anomalous Scattering of Slow Neutrons arid Electromagnetic Waves in Ferromagnets with Small Magnetic Anisotropy 128  (212)
Dubovoi E. I., Shapiro I. S. , Internal Bremsstrahlung and Identification of the Mechanism of Binary Direct Reactions 130  (216)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.