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VOLUME 8 (1968) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Lutskii V.N., Oscillations of the Resistivity of Bismuth Films upon Deformation 135  (221)
Gitis M. B. , Mikhailov I. G. , Absorption of Sound in Molten Semimetals 136  (224)
Bichurin M.I., Kovalenko E.S., Influence of External Electric Field on the Hyperfine Structure of the EPR Spectrum of Mn2+in CdWO4 140  (229)
Kostryukova M.O., Specific Heat of Anhydrous CrCl3 Below 4 0K 141  (231)
Shuvalov L. A., Ivanov N. R., Kirpichnikova L.F.,.Shchagina N.M. , Unusual Hydrogen Isotopic Effect in Crystals of Sodium Hydroselenite. Phase Diagram of the System Na(DxH1-x)3(SeO3)2 143  (235)
Karimov Yu.S., Free Radicals as Chains of Spins with Antiferromagnetic Interaction 145  (239)
Lemanov V.V., Pavlenko A.V., Shakin O.V., Resonant Absorption of Elastic Waves in Single-crystal Yttrium Iron Garnet in the Absence of an External Magnetic Field 148  (242)
Gaidukov Yu.P., Kadletsova Ya., Size Effects in Zinc Whiskers 151  (247)
Chetkin M.V., Shalygin A.N., Anisotropy of the Faraday Effect in Iron Garnets 154  (252)
Ozhogin V.I., Yakimov S.S., Voskanyan R.A., Gamlitskii V.Ya., Experimental Determination of the "sign" of the Dzyaloshinskii Interaction in an Antiferromagnet 157  (256)
Bazhulin A. P. , Vinogradov E. A. , Irisova N. A., Fridman S. A., Obtaining a Visible Image of Radio Emission in the Millimeter Band 160  (261)
Gantmakher V. F., Leonov Yu. S. , Temperature Dependence of Electron Mean Free Path in Bismuth 162  (264)
Bulaevskii L.N., Fain V. M. , Nonlinear Magnetoelectric Effect 165  (268)
Gufan Yu.M., Induced Ferroelectric Magnetism in Magnetically Ordered Piezoelectrics 167  (271)
Burmistrov V.M. , Influence of Electromagnetic Field on Elastic Scattering of Electrons in Semiconductors 169  (274)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.