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VOLUME 8 (1968) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Golenishchev-Kutuzov V.A., Kopvillem U. Kh., Nagibarov V. R. , Generatiom of Ultrasound with the Aid of a Nuclear Spin System 273  (445)
Vinogradov A. V., Presnyakov L.P., Shevel'ko V.P., Charge Exchange of Protons on Alkali-element Atoms 275  (449)
Shablo A. A., Dmitrenko I. M. , Quantum Effects in a Singly-connected Superconducting Cylinder 278  (453)
Kuz'min R. N. , Opalenko A. A. , Shpinel' V. S. , Mossbauer effect on Impurity Nuclei in Metallic Matrices 279  (455)
Savchenko M.M., Stepanov V. K., Structure of Laser Spark Image 281  (458)
Krinchik G.S., Exchange Resonance and Optical Faraday Effect in Rare-earth Iron Garnets 284  (462)
Frankevich E.L., Morrow T., Salmon G.A., Influence of the Electric Field of the Radiation-induced Fluorescence of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Cyclohexane 286  (466)
Nikitenko V.I., Dedukh L.M., Gendelev S.Sh., Shcherbak N.G., Possibility of Direct Investigation of the Influence of Dislocations on the Processes of Magnetization of Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystals 288  (470)
Grasyuk A.Z., Efimkov V.F., Zubarev I.G., Mishin V.I., Smirnov V.G., Laser Based on Raman Scattering in Liquid Nitrogen 291  (474)
Karasim V.R., Nisel'son L.A., Petrusevich I.V., Shal'nikov A.I., Shebalin I.Yu., Influence of the Purity of Superconducting Niobium on the Shape of the Magnetization Curve 294  (479)
Gurevich L. E. , Gel'mont B. L., Shender. E. F., Spontaneous Excitation of Electromagnetic Oscillations at a Frequency on the Order of Several Hz 296  (482)
Zlobin A. M., Zyryanov P. S. , Hot Electrons in Crossed Electric and Quantizing Magnetic Fields 297  (484)
Zyryanov P. S. , Okulov V . I ., Silin V. P. , Quantum Spin Waves 300  (489)
Arbuzov B. A., Filipov A. T. , Violation of CP Invariance in Weak Electromagnetic and Miniweak Interactions Conserving Parity 302  (493)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.