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VOLUME 8 (1968) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Varga P., Kryukov P. G. , Kuprishov V. F., Senatskii Yu.V., Angular Anisotropy of Fission of Nuclei lighter than Gold by 40-MeV alpha-Particle 307  (501)
Bendeliani N. A. , Certain Experiments with Water at High Pressures and Temperatures. 308  (504)
Andronikashvili E. L., Bakradze N. G., Madzhagaladze V. G. , Monaselidze D. R., Mrevlishvili G.M., Chenchalashvili Z.I. , Calorimetric Investigation of the Thermal Transformation of Collagen 311  (508)
Drichko I.L., Ilisavskii Yu.V., Kudinov V.A., Amplification of Sound in n-InSb in a Transverse Magnetic Field 314  (513)
Badalyan N.N., Iradyan V.A., Movsesyan M.E., Stimulated Scattering in Rubidium Vapor 316  (518)
Galkin A. A., Borodai B.I., Svistunov V.M., Tarasenko V.N., Concerning Certain Features of the Stationary Josephson Effect 318  (521)
Egorov Yu.P., Measurement of Natural Line Width of the Emission of a Gas Laser with Coupled Modes 320  (525)
Bagdasarov Kh.S., Daraseliya D.M., Manenkov A.A., Anomalous Paramagnetic Relaxation of Nd3+ in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet 323  (529)
Gaivoron V.G., Sidorov V.I., Luminescence Induced in Gallium Phosphide by Infrared Light 326  (534)
Rukman G.I., Filenko Yu.I., Obtaining Holograms with an Incoherent Light Source 328  (538)
Ogurtsov G.N., Flaks I.P., Avakyan S.V., Fedorenko N.V., Investigation of the Spectrum of Electrons Released upon Collision of Ar+ lons with Ar Atoms 330  (541)
Shpak D.L., Smirenkin G.N., Angular Anisotropy of Fission of Pu238 by Neutrons 332  (545)
Drabkin G.M., Okorokov A.I., Zabidarov E.I., Kasman Ya.A., Influence of the Magnetic Field on the/Phase Transition in Nickel 335  (549)
Gerznich E.I., Fridkin V.M., Observation of Phase Transition in SbSI near the Critical Curie Point 337  (553)
Belov K.P., Shlyakina L.P., Exchange Magnetostriction in Terbium Iron Garnets 340  (557)
Labushkin V.G., Nikolaev E.P., Concerning the Correlation of Gamma Quanta in the X-ray Band 341  (560)
Voitovetskii V.K., Korsunskii I. L., Pashin Yu. F., Diffraction of Resonant Gamma Radiation in Bragg Scattering by Nuclei and Electrons in Perfect Single Crystals of Tin 343  (563)
Gruzin P.L., Uspenskii M.N., Lyubutin I.S., Alekseev L.A., Four Magnetic Iron Sublattices in Indium-Gallium Iron Garnet 346  (566)
Galanin M.D., Chizikova Z.A., Angular Dependence of Two-photon Absorption in a Zinc-sulfide Crystal 348  (571)
Kopaleishvili T.I., Single Charge Exchange of \pi^{\pm} Mesons and Spectroscopy of Light Nuclei 351  (575)
Venitskii V.N., Kontorovich V.M., Possibility of Transformation of an Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor into a Metal in a Strong Magnetic Field 354  (580)
Varshalovich D.A., Explanation of Interference Experiments with H I and He II 357  (584)
Khalfin L.A., Shcherbin Yu.P., Dispersion Sum Rules for the Form Factor of the Pion 360  (588)
Sidorenko V.L., Stepanov K.N., Concerning the Possibility of Anomalously Rapid Turbulent Heating of Plasma Ions 363  (592)
Nagaev E.L., Localized Plasmons and PIasma-exciton Resonance 366  (596)
Galaktionov Yu.V., Shabalin E. P. , Possible Search for K^+\to \pi^++\nu+\vec\nu Decays 369  (600)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.