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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Skvortsov V. V., Bogdanovskaya I. P., Simple Method of Observing Axial and Interplanar Channeling 1  (3)
Drabkin G. M., Zabidarov E. I., Kasman Ya. A., Okorokov A. I, Influence of Magnetic Field on the Behavior of the Susceptibility in the Region of a Ferromagnetic Phase Transition 3  (7)
Klyshko D. N., Penin A. N., Polkovnikov B. F., Parametric Luminescence and Light Scattering by Polaritons 5  (11)
Svetlov Yu. G., Ainbinder N. E., Influence of External Electric Field on Quadrupole Spin Echo 8  (15)
Rivkind A. I., Concerning the Absence of Exact Mirror Equality Between Optical Antipodes 10  (18)
Stishov S. M., Makarenko I. N., Ivanov V. A.., Fedosimov V. I., Melting of Argon at High Temperatures 13  (22)
Il'ina M. A., Itskevich E. S., Superconductivity of Barium at High Pressures 15  (26)
Budagov Yu. A., Vinogradov V. V., Volod'ko A. G., Dzhelepov V. P., Dushenko V. F., Kladnitskii V. S., Lomakin Yu. F., Martinska G., Flyagin V. B., Shlyapnikov V. P., Production of Ξ- Hyperons in π-p Interactions at 5.1 GeV/c 17  (28)
Budagov Yu. A., Vinogradov V. B., Volod'ko A. G., Dzhelepov V. P., Kirillow-Ugryumov V. G., Kladnitskii V. S., Kuznetsov A. A., Lomakin Yu. F., Nel'nikova N. M., Ponosov A. K., Flyagin V. B., Shlyapnikov P. V., Martinska G. , Boldea V., Mihul A., Mimuianu D., Ponta T., Felea S., Chadraa B., Study of the Mass Spectrum of the Λ K System in π-p Interactions at 4 and 5.1 GeV/ 19  (31)
Golovnin V. A., Irkaev S. M., Kuz'min R. N., Mill' V. V., Mossbauer Effect on 121Sb Nuclei in Yttrium Iron Garnet 21  (35)
Gol'danskii V. I., Levin B. M., Mokrushin A. D., Formation of Positronium in 1S and 2S States in Oxides 23  (38)
Kuvatov K. G., Okolovich V. N., Smirenkin G. N., Angular Anisotropy of the Fission of Pb204 and Pb208 by Alpha Particles near the Threshold 26  (42)
Khalfin L. A., Causality and Scattering of Wave Packets 28  (46)
Gurevich L. E., Vagner I. D., Ioffe I. V., Instability of a Weakly Inhomogeneous Plasma with Two Species of Ions in the Absence of Magnetic Field 30  (49)
Gor'kov L. P., Singularities of the Resistive State with Current in Thin Superconducting Films 32  (52)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., Levich E. V., Stationary State of Electrons in a Nonequilibrium Radiation Field 35  (57)
Birbrair B. L., Antianalogs and Gamma Decay of Analog States 38  (60)
Tsarev V. A., Concerning One Method of Studying Resonances in Meson Photoproduction 41  (65)
Levanyuk A. P., Sannikov D. G., Second Order Phase Transitions Close in Temperature 43  (68)
Lendel A. I., Ter-Martirosyan K. A., Shower Enhancement of Branch Point Contribution and Increase of Total Cross Sections as A → ∞ 45  (70)
Gershtein S. S., Kobzarev I. Yu., Okun' L. B., Regeneration of K0 Mesons and the Pomeranchuk Theorem 48  (75)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.