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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Avdeev B. V., Varich N. I., Krasheninin Yu. P., Markman M. A., Negaev E. L., Thermoelectric Size Effect in an Alternating Magnetic Field and Its Use for the Study of Phase Transitions 153  (241)
Mikaelyan A. L., Kuprishov V. F., Turkov Yu. G., Andreev Yu. V., Shcherbakova A. A., New Method for Generating a Giant Pulse in Optical Generators 155  (244)
Gubankov V. N., Likharev K. K., Margolin N. M., Nonlinear Properties of Thin Superconducting Films 157  (246)
Brandt N. B., Dittman H., Ponomarev Ya. G., Chudnikov S. M., Semiconductor -"Quasimetal" - Semiconductor Transition in Bi1-xSbx Alloys under the Influence of Pressure 160  (250)
Popov V.S., Electron Energy Levels at Z > 137 162  (254)
Zaitsev A. N., Zvezdin A. K., Osipov V. V., Mechanism of Formation of Negative Resistance in Semiconductors During Impurity Breakdown 165  (257)
Kolkunov V. A., Nikolaevskii E. S., Ter-Martirosyan K. A., Peripheral Particle Generation at High Energy 168  (260)
Shklovsklii B. I., Efros A. L., Gyrothermal Effect in Crystals at Low Temperatures 171  (265)
Arsenin V. V., Possibility of Suppressing Flute Instability of a Dense Plasma 173  (267)
Gurevich L. E., Kinetic Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism 175  (269)
Dremin I. M., Correspondence of the Equations of the Multiperipheral and Multireggeon Theories of Inelastic Processes 178  (272)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.