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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Troitskii Yu. V., Reflecting Interferometer Based on a Matched Metallic Film 183  (281)
Kornilov E. A., Nekrashevich S. A., Fainberg Ya. B., Shokhovtsov N. A., Investigation of Resistive Instability Excited by an Electron Beam in a Solid State Plasma 185  (284)
Gindin I. A., Lazarev B. G., Lebedev V. P., Starodubov Ya. D., Influence of the Superconducting State on the Creep of Metals 188  (288)
Blagoi Yu. P., Sokhan V. I., Pavlichenko L. A., Hydrostatic Effect in a Binary Solution Near the Critical Dissolution Point 190  (291)
Korolev F. A., Baskakova Z. A., Zakharova T. S., Odintsov V. I., Excitation of SRS in Liquids upon Q Switching of a Laser by the Investigated Substance 193  (295)
Bekshtein G. E., Sagdeev R. Z., Anomalous Resistance of a Plasma in the Case of Ion-acoustic Turbulence 194  (297)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., "Mixmaster Universe" and the Cold Variant 197  (300)
Talanov V. I., Focusing of Light in Cubic Media 199  (303)
Band I. M., Sliv L. A., Trzhaskovskaya M. B., Region of Formation of Internal Conversion Coefficients on High Shells of the Atom 201  (306)
Geshkenbein B. V., Ioffe B. L., Estimate of the Contribution of Terms of Order e2G to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon 204  (309)
Laperashvili L. V., Amplitude of Scattering of a Non-vacuum Reggeon by a Particle 206  (312)
Chernin A. D., Turbulence in an IsotropiÓ Universe 210  (317)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.