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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Andreev D.S., Gusinskii G.M., Krokhina K. I., Kudoyarov M.S., Lemberg I.Kh., Chugunov I .N., Quadrupole Moment of the 11Cd Nucleus in the First Excited State 247  (369)
Gaponov S.V., Goncharov A.G., Kraftmakher G.A., Khanin Ya.K., Obtaining a Giant Pulse in a Solid-state Laser with the Aid of Organic Solvents 248  (370)
Edel'man V.S., Cheremisin S.M., Linewidth of Cyclotron Resonance in Bismuth 250  (373)
Apollonov V.V., Bykovskii Yu.A., Degtyarenko N.N., Elesin V .F., Kozyrev Yu.P., Sil'nov S.M., Production of Multiply-charged Ions by Interaction Between a Powerful Laser Pulse and a Solid 252  (377)
Kaminskii A.S., Pokrovskii Ya.E., Recombination Radiation of the Condensed Phase of Nonequilibrium Carriers in Silicon 255  (381)
Kurnosov V.D., Lapitskaya G.A., Pleshkov A. A., Rivlin L. A., Trukhan V.G., Radio-frequency Instability a Semiconductor Laser with Inhomogeneous Injection 258  (385)
Bobashev S.V., Observation of Regular Oscillations of the Total Cross Section for the Excitation of Ne Resonance Lines in Collisions with Na+ Ions 260  (389)
Mitina N. I., Padalka V.G., Stepanov K.N., Incoherent Reflection of Light by a Metal 262  (391)
Popkov Yu.A., Fomin V.I., Beznosikov B.V., Two-magnon Scatterinig of Light in Antiferromagnetic KMnF3 264  (394)
Kancheli O.V., Inelastic Differential Cross Sections at High energies and Duality 267  (397)
Avdeichikov V.V., Luzhkin O.V., Perfilov N .A., Subbarrier Alpha Particles Emitted by Nuclei with Large Angular Momenta 270  (401)
Bulaevskii L.N., Ginzburg V.L., Structure of Domain Wall in Weak Ferromagnets 272  (404)
Kulik I.O., Flux Quantization in a Normal Metal 275  (407)
Fainberg Ya.B., Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I., Nonlinear Waves in a Relativistic Electron Beam 277  (410)
Dumbrais O.V., Queen N.M., Possible Verification of the Pomeranchuk Theorem in Kd Interactions 280  (414)
Veselago V.G., Glushkov M.V., Leonov Yu.S., Shotov A.P., Temperature Dependence of Mobility and Longitudinal Magnetoresistance of p-Ge in a Strong Magnetic Field 282  (416)
Silin V.P., ParamagnetiÓ Structure Due to Exchange Interaction of Electrons in a Metal 284  (419)
Gulyaev Yu.V., Zil'berman P. E., "Superheterodyne" Amplification of Ultrasound in Semiconductors 286  (421)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.