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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kuraev A.A., Stepukhovich V.A., Zhurakhovskii V.A., Stimulated Synchrotron Radiation of Electrons in a Piecewise Homogeneous Magnetic Field 289  (429)
Bonch-Bruevich A.M., Khodovoi V.A., Khromov V.V., Nonlinear Phenomena in the Passage of Broad-spectrum Laser Emission Through Atomic Potassium Vapor 290  (431)
Smirnova E.L., Smirnov V.I., Ukhanov Yu.F., Anomalies of the Temperature Dependence of the Faraday Effect at the Compensation Point of Gadolinium Iron Garnet 293  (435)
Landau I.L., Temperature Dependence of the Reflection Coefficient of Electrons on the Interface Between Superconducting and Normal Phases 295  (437)
Gnoevoi Ya.N., Petrukhin A.I., Pleshanov Yu.E., Sulyaev V.A., Experimental Investigation of the Appearance of Screening in Lead and Aluminum Vapor 297  (440)
Lipatov N.I., Manenkov A.A., Prokhorov A.M., Standing Pattern of Self-focusing Points of Laser Radiation in Glass 300  (444)
Generalov N.A., Zimakov V.P., Kozlov G.I., Masyukov V.A., Raizer Yu.P., Continuous Optical Discharge 302  (447)
Artsimovich L.A., Glukhov A.V., Petrov M.P., Ion Energy Balance in the Plasma of a Tokamak Machine 304  (449)
Margvelashvili P.I., Concerning One Possibility of Measuring the Regeneration Phase 307  (452)
Khalfin L.A., Concerning the Problem of the A2 Meson 308  (454)
Lifshitz I.M., Pushkarov Kh.I., Localized Excitations in Crystals with Dislocations 310  (456)
Nemchinov I.V., Popov S.P., Time of Start of Screening of a Surface Evaporating Under the Influence of Laser Radiation 312  (459)
Lipmanov E.M., Diagonal and Nondiagonal Electromagnetic Interactions in Colliding-beam Experiments 315  (462)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.