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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Derkacheva L.D., Krymova A.I., Sopina N.P., Obtaining the Second Harmonic of a Neodymium Glass Laser in Dye Powders 319  (469)
Zubkov L.A., Rozhdestvenskaya N.B., Khromov A. S., Structure of Depolarized Component of Scattered Light in α-Chloronaphthalene 321  (473)
Zagorodnikov S.P., Smolkin G.E., Striganova E.A., Sholin G.V., Determination of the Turbulence Level in a Collisionless Magnetosonic Shock Wave by Measuring the Stark Broadening of the Balmer line 323  (475)
Eremenko V.V., Novikov V.P., Davydov Splitting of Exciton Line in AntiferromagnetiÓ RbMnF3 326  (478)
Zhabotinskii M.E., Mefed A.E., Rodak M.I., Observation of a Single Nuclear Spin-Spin Reservoir in a Crystal With Two Nuclear Spin Types 328  (482)
Balabanov V.N., Bulgakov A.A., Chernets A.N., Hypersound Absorption in Diamond 331  (486)
Smirenkin G.H., Shpak D.L., Ostapenko Yu.B., Furson B. I., Angular Anisotropy and Spin of the Target Nucleus in (n, f) Reactions 333  (489)
Prokoshkin A.F., Puzei I .M., Connection Between the Superconducting Properties of the Ti-Nb-Fe Alloy and the Parameters of the NGR Spectra 336  (493)
Zel'dovich Ya.B., Levich E. V., Plasma Heating by Opposing Beams of Coherent Radiation 339  (497)
Arsenin V.V., Possibility of Heating Ions in a PIasma by Exciting, Drift-beam Instability with a Feedback System 342  (500)
Kudryavtsev V.G., Ryazanov M.I., Photon Emission by Fast Charged Particles in a Single Crystal 344  (503)
Choban E.A., Production of Neutral Vector Mesons in the Processes e- + e+ → ρ000) + γ 346  (505)
Kemoklidze M. P., Pitaevskii L. P., Nonlinear Passage of Electromagnetic Waves Through a Pure Metal 348  (508)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.