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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Dolgoshein B.A., Lebedenko V.N., Rodionov B.U., New Method of Registration of Ionizing-particle Tracks in Condensed Matter 351  (513)
Dronov A.P., D'yakov A.S., Kudryavtsev E.M., Sobolev N .N., Gasdynamic CO2 Laser with Escape of the Shock-tube Heated Working Mixture through a Slit 353  (516)
Vasil'ev O.V., Semenov V.A, Gross Structure of Giant Dipole Resonance on Nuclei of the Transition Region N = 90 356  (520)
Sokolov Yu.L., Influence of Lamb Shift on the Interference of Excited States of Hydrogen Atoms 359  (524)
Kalitenko N.G., Kichigin D.A., Lobachev V.P., Gauss-ampere Characteristics in p-Ge in Strong Electric Fields 362  (528)
Sklyarevskii V.V., Smirnov G. V., Artem'ev A.N., Mirzababaev R.M., Sestak B., Kadeckova S., Direct Observation of Anomalous Transmission of Resonant γ Rays of Fe57 by Single Crystal Fe + 3 363  (531)
Gnedin Yu.N., Dolginov A.Z., Acceleration of Cosmic ŚlŇ”trons and Possible Mechanism of Formation of the Spectrum of Metagalactic X-radiation 366  (534)
Kosevich A.M., Metastabile "Overturned" State of Ferromagnet as a Source of Amplification of Electromagnetic or Acoustic Waves 369  (537)
Levanyuk A.P., Sobyanin A. A., Second-order Phase Transitions without Divergences in the Second Derivatives of the Thermodynami” Potential 371  (540)
Karmanov V .A., Kondratyuk L.A., Shapiro I.S., Exchange Interaction of an Isobar wiih a Nucleon, and Dynamic Model of Two-baryon Resonance 374  (543)
Timofeev A.V., Weak Turbulence and Anomalous Diffusion 377  (547)
Kaganov M.I., Natsik V.D., Features of Electron Drag of Dislocations in Superconductors 379  (550)
Batyev E.G., Contribution to the Theory of the Mixed State of Superconductors of the Second Kind 382  (554)
Akhiezer I.A., Barts B.I., Bolotin Yu.L., Proton-neutron Correlations in Medium and Heavy Nuclei 385  (557)
Balakin V.E., Budnev V.M., Ginzbung I.F., Feasibility of an Experiment in which Hadrons are Produced by Two Protons from Threshold to Extremely High Energies: 388  (559)
Polyakova G.N., Erko V.F., Zats A.V., Fogel' Ya.M.,Tolstolutskaya G.D., Anomalous Vibrational Excitation of the CO+ Ion Produced upon Collision of Noble-gas Ions with CO Molecules 390  (562)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.