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VOLUME 11 (1970) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vylegzhanin D.N., Kaminskii A.A., Manifestation of Electron-phonon Interaction in the Lasing of a Crystal with Nd3+ 393  (569)
Deryugin I. A., Mykityuk V. I ., Solomko A.A., Radchik V.N., Interaction of Laser Radiation with Yttrium Iron Garnet in a Parametric Excitation of Spin Waves 396  (573)
Akhvlediani Z.G., Politov N.G., Trakhbrot B.M. , Local Oscillations in KCl Crystals with Hydrogen Centers 398  (576)
Smirnov S.V., Sklyarevskii V.V., Artem'ev A.N., Investigation of Suppressed Nuclear Absorption of Resonant γ Rays under Laue-Diffraction Conditions. Effect of Oscillations of the Reflection Intensity 400  (579)
Andrianov A.M., Demichev V. F., Eliseev G. A., Levit P.A., Production of 3-MOe Pulsed MagnetiÓ Fields by Discharging a Capacitor Bank 402  (582)
Kornienko L.S., Kravtsov N.V., Lariontsev E. G., Naumkin N . I., Ruby Laser with Optical Delay Line Inside the Resonator 404  (585)
Bocharov E.P., Trubetskov D.I., Shevchik V.N., ParametriÓ "Cooling" of a Slow Cyclotron Wave of an Electron Beam in Crossed Fields 406  (588)
Demikhovskii V. Ya., Protogenov A. P., New Type of Quantum Electromagnetic Waves in a Strong Magnetic Field 409  (591)
Varshalovich A. D., D'yakonov M. I. , Concerning the Effect of Schwarz and Hora 411  (594)
Chuyanov V. A., Possibility of Stabilizing Flute Instability of a Plasma with the Aid of Controlled Electron Beams 414  (598)
Ryskin M.G., Interaction of Neutrino with Nuclei at High Energies 416  (600)
Balkarei Yu.I., Phase Transitions Induced in a Crystal by the Field of a Strong Electromagnetic Wave 419  (603)
Breizman B.N., Ryutov D. D., Influence of Inhomogeneity of Plasma on the Relaxation of an Ultrarelativistic Electron Beam 421  (606)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.