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VOLUME 12 (1970) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Aleksandrov A.S., Bykovskii Yu.A., Elesin V.F., Protasov E.A., Rodionov A.G., Spectral Oscillations of Photocurrent in Indium Antimonide, Due to Absolute Negative Conductivity in a Quantizing Magnetic field 41  (57)
Pakhomycheva L. N., Sviridenkov E.A., Suchkov A.F., Titova L.V., Churilov S.S., Line Structure of Generation Spectra of Lasers with Inhomogeneous Broadening of the Amplification Line 43  (60)
Bisnovatyi-Kogan G. S., Zel'dovich Ya.B., Syunyaev R.A., Equilibrium Concentration of Positrons in an Optically Thin Relativistic Plasma 45  (64)
Eremenko V.V., Litvinenko Yu.G., Myatlik V.I., Attenuation of Light Absorption in Antiferromagnetic FeCO3 by a Magnetic Field 47  (66)
Bakai A.S., Kornilov E.A., Krivoruchko A.M., Excitation of Ion-acoustic Waves by Langmuir Waves and Stationary Regimes in a Beam-plasma System 49  (69)
Izmailov A.M., Ivanov B.I., Mitin L.A., Shapiro V.D., Shevcnenko V.I., Experimental Investigation of Induced Scattering of Plasma Oscillations in a Strong Magnetic Field 51  (73)
Krasnopolin I.Ya., Khaikin M.S., Temperature Dependence of the Position and Line Width of Cyclotron Resonance in Lead 54  (76)
Shil'shtein S.Sh., Marukhin V.I.,Kalanov M., Somenkov V.A., Sysoev L.A., Anomalous Transmission of Neutrons in a Perfect CdS Crystal 56  (80)
Andriakhin V.M., Vasil'nov V.V., Krasil'nikov S.S., Pis'mennyi V.D., Khvostionov V.E., Radiation of Hg-He3 Gas Mixture Bombarded by a Neutron Stream 58  (83)
Mitrofanov K.P., Plotnikova V.M., Rokhlov N.I., Shpinel' V.S., Observation of Interference of the Photoeffect and Internal Conversion in Resonant Absorption of M1 Gamma Quanta by Sn119 60  (85)
Artsimovich L.A., Gorbunov E.P., Petrov M.P., Ion Lifetime in the Tokamak-3 Machine 62  (89)
Mirnov S.V., Experiments with Large Values of βI in Tokamak-3 64  (92)
Basov N.G., Danileiko M.V., Nikitin V.V., Investigation of the Rotational-vibrational Transition of the Methane Line for the Stabilization of an He-Ne Laser Frequency at λ = 3.39μ 66  (95)
Gross E.F., Kreingold F. I., Biexcitoh in Cu2O Crystal 68  (98)
Boiko L.G., Popova S.V., Crystal Structure and Superconducting Properties of Tantalum Nitride Obtained at High Pressures 70  (101)
Krylov I.P., Sharvin Yu.V., Observation of "Andreev" Reflection of Electrons from the Boundary Between a Normal and Superconducting Phase, Using the Radio-frequency Size Effect 71  (102)
Prozorova L. A., Kotyuzhanskii B.Ya., Biresonant Frequency Doubling by an Antiferromagnet 73  (105)
Antsiferova L. I., Lazarev A.V., Siryukov V.B., Influence of Rotational Diffusion on the Paramagnetic Resonance Line Shape 75  (108)
Aleshkevich V.A., Sukhorukov A.P., Deflection of Powerful Light Beams by Wind in Absorbing Media 77  (112)
Zakharov S.D., Krokhin O.N., Kryukov P.G., Tyurin E.L., Electron-ion Relaxation in a Plasma Produced by Ultrashort Laser Pulses 80  (115)
Pitaevskii L. P., Second Branch of the Spectrum of Elementary Excitations in Liquid He4 82  (118)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.