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VOLUME 12 (1970) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bondarenko N.G., Eremina I.V., Talanov V.I., Broadening of Spectrum in Self Focusing of Light in Crystals 85  (125)
Ryl'nikov A.S., Ivanov G.A., MarushenkoV. I., Smirnov A. I.,Sumbaev O.I., Isotopic Effect of Hyperfine Broadening of X-ray Lines 88  (128)
Korolev F.A., Bakhramov S.A., Odintsov V.l., Powerful Stimulated Radiation in Rubidium Vapor in Excitation of a Laser with Adjustable Frequency 90  (131)
Shtyrkov E.I., Spattering of Light by a Periodic Structure of Excited and Unexcited Atoms 92  (134)
Golovkin M.S., Bykov V. N., Levdik V. A., Large Fluctuations of Magnetic Anisotropy of Chromium 95  (137)
Subashiev V.K., Le Hak Bin, Direct Observation of Hyperbolic Excitons 97  (139)
Buravov L.I., Khidekel' M.L., Shchegolev I .F., Yagubskii E.B., Superconductivity and Dielectric Constant of Highly Conductive Complexes of Tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCQM) 99  (142)
Basov N.G., Belenov E.M., Danileiko M.V., Nikitin V. V., Oraevskii A. N., Intense Power Resonances of a Ring Laser with an Absorbing Cell 101  (145)
Klimashin G.M., Neshpor V. S., Nikitin V.P., Novikov V. l.,Shalyt S.S., Supercondictivity of Titanium Carbide 102  (147)
Karadzhev K.V., Man'ko V. I., Nersesyan A.N., Chukreev F. E., Investigation of a Possible Violation of the Independence of the Decay of a Compound Nucleus of the Spin of the Input Channel 104  (149)
Baz' A.I., Gorbatov A.M., Demin V.F., Pasynko'v I.G., Reconstruction of NN Potentials from Nuclear Data 105  (151)
Mukhortov Yu.P., Pustovoit V. I., Electronic Mechanics of Changing the Phonon Thermal Conductivity of Piezosemiconductors 106  (153)
Kudryavtsev V.G., Ryazanov M.I., Choice of Optimal Conditions for Experimental Observation of Coherent Scattering of γ Quanta by Nuclei 109  (157)
Alodzhants G.P., Contribution to the Theory of Electron Spin Resonance in Anisotropic Metals 111  (158)
Vasilenko L.S., Chebotaev V.P., Shishaev A.V ., Line Shape of Two-Photon Absorption in a Standing-Wave Field in a Gas 113  (161)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.