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VOLUME 12 (1970) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Demidov Yu.P., Zargar'yants M.N., Kiselev A.A., Kolonenkova S.I., Radiation Directivity Pattern of a Semiconducting Multilayer Structure 117  (169)
Levitskii S.M., Nuriev K.Z., Fine Structure of the distribution Function of an Electron Beam Interacting with a Plasma 119  (172)
Beterov I.M., Matyugin Yu.A., Chebotaev V. P., Measurement of the Level Relaxation Constants by the Method of Three-level Laser Spectroscopy 120  (174)
Latypov Z. Z., Shaporenko A. A., Oscillation of the Charge Exchange Cross Sections in the Na+-Ne System 123  (177)
Morozov V.M., Gorlov G.V., Zubov Yu.G., Lebedeva N.S., Scattering of 4-MeV Neutrons at Angles Close to 180° 125  (181)
Bogdankevich O.V., Mestvirishvili A. N., Pechenov A.N., Suchkov A. F., Mode Locking in a Semiconductor-Laser with Electronic Excitation on an Internal Nonlinear Active Medium 128  (184)
Titov Yu.I., Severin N.F., Afanas'ev N.G., Akhmerov R.V., Byvalin S.A., Kulish Yu.V., Omelaenko A.S., Stepula E. V., Smelov E.M., Electroproduction of Pions on a Proton at the Threshold and the Structure of the Nucleon 129  (186)
Prilutskii O.F., Rozental' I. L., Synchrotron Hypothesis of the Origin of Background Radiations 131  (189)
Dumbrais O.V., Queen N. M., Verification of the Models of the Asymptotic Behavior of the Amplitudes of K^\pm p Scattering 133  (191)
Zubnik B.M., Ogievetskii V. I., Chiral Dynamics of A1 - ρ - π System 135  (194)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.