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VOLUME 12 (1970) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ovchinnikov S. S., Kalinichenko S. S., Shvets O. M., Tolok V. T., Excitation of Ion Cyclotron Waves in a Plasma in a Toroidal Magnetic Trap 187  (277)
Bobashev S. V., Kritskii V. A., Oscillations of Excitation Function of Helium Resonance Line and Interference of Two Vacant States in Collisions of Na+ Ions with Helium 189  (280)
Prozorov O. N., Rivlin L. A.,Yakubovich S. D. , Extended Semiconductor Laser with Radiating Lattice 190  (282)
Grasyuk A. I., Popovichev V. I., Ragul'skii V.V., Faizullov F. S., Increase of Radiation Brightness in a Brillouin Laser 193  (286)
Berlovich E. E., Golubev O. M., Novikov Yu. N., Two-neutron decay of Nuclei 195  (289)
Ekimov A. I., Safarov V. I., Optical Orientation of Carriers in Interband Transitions in Semiconductors 198  (293)
Karasik V. R., Vereshchagin V. G., Nikitina G. T., Rusinov A. I., Instabilities Arising in a Force-free Current Flow in the Superconducting Alloy T i - 22 at. 201  (297)
Polyakova G. N., Erko V.F., Zats A.V., Fogel' Ya. M., Deviation from the Franck-Condon Principle upon Population of the Vibrational Levels of the A2π State of CO+ Ions Produced by Collisions of Electrons with CO Molecules 204  (303)
Alekseev V. A., Ovcharenko V. G., Ryzhkov Yu. F., Senchenkov A. P., Equation of State of Cesium at Pressures 20 - 600 atm and Temperatures 500 - 2500° C 207  (306)
Didenko A. I., Vorob'ev S. A., Tsekhanovskii I. A., Channeling of Positions in Single Crystals 209  (310)
Tunitskii N.N., Zhurkin E. S., Tikhomirov M. V., Influence of Excitation of H+2 and D+2 on the Cross Section for Their Dissociation in Collisions with Atoms and Molecules in the Energy Region from 0.1 to 2 keV 210  (312)
Voitovetskii V.K., Korsunskii I. L., Pazhin Yu. F., Silakov R. S., Resonant Bragg Scattering of Gamma Rays by Nuclei in High Orders of Reflection and Production of Directed Beams of Pure Mossbauer Radiation 212  (314)
Buishvili L. L., Giorgadze N. P., On the Possibility of Polarizing Nuclei with Ultrasound 215  (318)
Isaenko L. F., Maiorov L. V., Shcheglov D. A., Penetration of Neutral Atoms into a Cylindrical Plasma Pinch 217  (320)
Achasov N. I., Shestakov G. N., Influence of ρ0 Mixing on the Spin Density Matrix of the ω Meson in the Reactions π N → ω N and π N → ωΔ 218  (323)
Khrylin B. A., Estimate of Λ N Interaction in the p State 221  (327)
Ryndin R. M., Verification of Vector Dominance 223  (329)
Uimin G. V., One-dimensional Problem for S = 1 with Modified Antiferromagnetic Hamiltonian 225  (332)
Kuz'min V.A., CP-noninvairiance and Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 228  (335)
Pekar S. I., Pina V. I., Piskovoi V. N., Instability of Inhomogeneous beformation and of Carrier Density in a Semiconductor, Induced by a deformation Potential 230  (338)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.