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VOLUME 12 (1970) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Shneerson G. A., Magnitude of the Supestrong Magnetic Field Produced in Self-destructive Single-turn Solenoids 315  (453)
Afrosimov V.V., Gordeev Vu.S., Lavrov V.M., Shchemelinin S.G., Relative Role of Various Ionization Processes in Slow Collisions of K+ Ions with Inert-gas Atoms 317  (455)
Goryunova N.A., Leonov E.I ., Orlov V.M., Rodionov L.F., Sondaevskii V.P., Current Instabililty in CdSnP2 319  (459)
Konyukhov V.K., Matrosov I.V., Prokhorov A.M., Shalunov D.T., Shirokov N.N., Gasdynamic CW Laser Using a Mixture of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Water 321  (461)
Gol'danskii V.I., Novikov G.V., Mikhailov A.I., Trukhtanov V.A., Abdrashitov E.F., Influence of Cross Relaxation Processes on the γ Resonance Spectra of Fe57 323  (464)
Zalesskii A.V., NMR of Fei57 in Yttrium Orthoferrite Single Crystals 326  (468)
Terent'ev A. A., Tsinoev V. G., Mossbauer Effect in the Compounds Pt3Cr and Au4Mn 328  (471)
Basov H.G., Danilychev V.A., Popov Yu.M., Khodkevich D.D., Laser Operating in the Vacuum Region of the Spectrum by Excitation of Liquid Xenon with an Electron Beam 329  (473)
Izrailenko A.I., Kovrigin A.I., Nikles P.V., Parametric Generation of Light in High-efficiency Nonlinear LiO3 and α-HIO3 Crystals 331  (475)
Lugovoi V.N., Prokhorov A.M., Spectrum of the Field of Moving Focal Regions 333  (478)
Babaev Z.R., Margvelashvili P. l., Regeneration of K° Mesons on a Deuteron at High Energies 337  (483)
Rozanov V. B., Feasibility of Producing an Inverted Medium by Photoionzation of the Inner Electrons in Atoms 340  (486)
Grishin A.M., Lyubimov O.I., Rayleigh Sound Field Bursts in a Metal in a Magnetic Field 342  (489)
Okulov V.I., Bagaev V.N., Static Distributions of Magnetization of an Electron Liquid in a Quntizing Magnetic Field 345  (493)
Levinson I .B., Bound States of an Electron and a Phonon in a Strong Magnetic Field 347  (496)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.