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VOLUME 12 (1970) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Alekseev V.A., Vedenov A. A., Krasitskaya L.S., Starostin A.N., Thermoelectric Power of Cesium Near the Critical Temperatures and Pressures 351  (501)
Dobrzhanskii G.F., Kitaeva V. F., Kuleskii L.A., Polivanov Yu.N., Poluektov S.N., Prokhorov A.M., Sobolev N.N., Spontaneous Parametric Emission of the α-HIO3 Crystal 353  (505)
Lyubutin I.S., Vishnyakov Yu.S., Induction of Magnetic Field at the Nuclei of Diamagnetic Tin Atoms in Yttrium and Gadolinium Orthoferrites 355  (508)
Drabkin G.M., Klyubin V.V., Sibilev A.I., Correlation Effects in a Liquid Binary Mixture Near the Phase Transition Temperature 358  (512)
Lemanov V.V., Avdonin V.Ya., Petrov A.V., Effect of Impurities on the Damping of Hypersonic Waves in Crystals 360  (515)
Chetkin M.V., Didosyan Yu.S., Akhutkina A.I ., Chervonenkis A.Ya., Faraday Effect in Yttrium Orthoferrite 363  (519)
Veselago V.G., Glushkov M.V., Leonov Yu.S, Shotov A.P., "Turning" of Current-voltage Characteristic of Germanium in a Strong Field 365  (521)
Budnev V.M., Slivkov A.K., Production of Tensor and Scalar Mesons in ee Collisions 367  (523)
Indenbom V.L., Interstitial (Crowdion) Mechanism of Plastic Deformation and Failure 369  (526)
Vodyanitskii A.A., Erokhin N.S., Moiseev S.S., Influence of Kinetic Effects in an Inhomogeneous Plasma on the Penetration Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves 372  (529)
Pustovoit V.I ., Mukhortov Yu.P., Possibility of Direct Amplification and Generation of Electric in Waves in Semiconductors 374  (532)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.