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VOLUME 8 (1968) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gross E.F., Agekyan V.T. , Polarizability of Exciton and Effect of the Reversal of the Magnetic Field in the Spectrum of the Yellow Exciton Series of a Crystal 373  (605)
Voitovetskii V.K., Korsunskii I.L., Pazhin Yu.F., Experimental Observation of the Suppression of the Inelastic Channel of a Nuclear Reaction in the interaction of Resonant Gamma Radiation with Nuclei and Electrons in a Single Crystal 376  (611)
Grigor'eva L.I., Smerdov B. I., Stepanov K. N., Fetisov B.A., Chechkin V.V., Observation of Plasma Instability in a Strong Alternating Electric Field 379  (616)
Afanas'ev A.M., Kagan Yu. M., Stabilization of Hyperfine Structure of the Mosbauer Line in Paramagnets in a Weak External Magnetic Field 382  (620)
Gorobchenko V.D., Lukashevich I.I., Sklyarevskii V. V., Tsitskishvili V.D., Filippov N.I., Observation of the Effect of Stabilization of the Hyperfine Structure of Trivalent Fe57 in Corundum by a Weak External Magnetic Field 386  (625)
Shvets O.M., Kalinichenko S.S., Kurilko V.I., Miroshnichenko G. A., Heating of Plasma Ions by an External Stochastic Field. 388  (629)
Chernin A.D., Characteristic Cosmological Length 391  (633)
Chakraborti B., Nonlinear Deviations of the Direction of a Reflected Wave in Vacuum at a Plasma Boundary. 393  (636)
Shabalin E.P. , Mechanism of Generation of Muons of Ultrahigh Energy, with Nearly Isotropic Azimutahl Distribution by Cosmic Rays 395  (639)
Khalfin L.A., Shcherbin Yu.P., Electromagnetic Radius of the Pion 397  (642)
Galkin A.A., Zavadskii E.A., Morozov E.M., New Magnetic Transformation in the System Mn2FeySb1-y 400  (646)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.