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VOLUME 8 (1968) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Koidan V.S., Papyrin A.N., Ponomarenko A.G., Yablochnikov B.A. , Dynamic Characteristic of a Straight Turbulent Plasma 241  (389)
Grinberg A.A., Kramer N.I., Patrin A.A., Ryvkin S.M., Fistul' V.I., Fishman I.M., Yaroshetskii I.D., Light Scattering by Charged Centers in Semiconductors Without Inversion Center 244  (394)
Sabirov L.M., Stasrunov V.S., Fabelinskii I.L., Structure of Line of Thermal Scattering of Light, and Propagation of Longitudinal and Transverse Hypersound in Glasses 246  (399)
Zdan A.G., Ozheredov A.D., Elinson M.I., Messerer M.A., Extinction of Frozen-in Conductivity by an Electric Field 249  (402)
Klyukin L.M., Fabrikov V.A., Khromov A.V., Spatial Resolution in Thermal Recording of Optical Images on Thin Ferromagnetic Films 251  (406)
Morozov V.M., Nikitin V.V., Samoilov V.D., Hysteresis of Radiation Power of Gallium-Arsenide Injection Laser 254  (410)
Savchenko M.M., Stepanov V. K., Experimental Investigation of Self-insulation of Bodies in a Medium Against Intense Light 256  (414)
Akhmanov A.G., Rivlin L.A., Shil'dyaev V.S., Optically initiated Directed Electric Breakdown in a Gas 258  (417)
Khvastunov V.M., Afanas'ev N.G., Afanas'ev V.D., Kul-Kul'karov I.S., Omelaenko A.S., Savitskii G.A., Khomich A.A., Shevchenko N.G., Elastic Scattering of Electrons by Nikel and Tin Isotopes 259  (420)
Borovik-Romanov A.S., Meshcheryakov V.F, Splitting of Antiferromagnetic Resonance Spectrum in CoCO3 262  (425)
Gudzenko L.I., Moroz E.M., Acceleration of Plasma by Its Own Radiation 265  (430)
Roginskii V.I., Group Interpretation of the Complex Spin 269  (437)
Tyagai V.A., Kolbasov G.A., Luk'yanchikova N.B., Applicability of the Fluctuation-dissipation Theorem to a Description of Nonequilibrium Noise of Semiconductor Diodes 267  (4333)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.