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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Roinishvili N.N., Tatalashvili N.G., One- and Two-center Processes in Inelastic Interactions at Energies Above 100 GeV 1  (3)
Kartashev K.B., Pistunovich V.I., Platonov V.V., Ryutov V.D., Filimonova E.A., Observation of Fast Electrons Produced by Injection of a Plasmoid into a Transverse Magnetic Field 3  (7)
Anoshin A.I., Bashindzhagyan G.L., Bel'zer L.I., Dem'yanov A.I., Murzin V.S., Sarycheva L.I., Sinev N.B., Search for Heavy Particle in Hadronic Interactions 6  (10)
Pudalov V.M., Khaikin M.S., Oscillating Magnetostriction of Tin Single Crystal 9  (14)
Zakatov L.P., Ivanov A.A., Plakhov A.G., Shapkin V.V., Production of a Relativistic Plasma by Adiabatic Compression in a Plasma-beam System 10  (16)
Zaliva V.I., Zakharov V.P., Kinetics of the Phase Transition from the Amorphous to the Polycrystalline State in Semiconductors 14  (21)
Aliev F.Yu., Godzhaev F.R., Kerimov I.G., Krupnikov E.S., Temperature Oscillations of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of a Superconducting CuS Film 16  (24)
Bokut' B.V., Kazak N.S., Mashchenko A.G., Mostovnikov V.A., Rubinov A.M., Generation of Powerful Radiation with Variable Spectrum in the 280 - 385 nm Range 18  (26)
Shlimak I.S., Nikulin E.I., Conductivity of Doped Germanium at Infralow Temperatures 20  (30)
Aranchuk L.E., Zavoiskii E.K., Lin D.N., Rudakov L.I., Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Plasma Heating by Straight-discharge Skin Current 22  (33)
Bir G.L., Parfen'ev R.V. Tamarin P.V., Shubnikov - de Haas Oscillations in p-InSb 25  (36)
Alikaev V.V., Bobrovskii G.A., Ofitserov M.M., Poznyak V.I., Razumova K.A., Electron-cyclotron Heating in the Tokamak TM-3 Installation 27  (41)
Parshin A.Ya., Peshkov V.P., Egiazarov B.G., Shamov A.I., Romashko V.P., Measurement of Infralow Temperatures with the Aid of the Mossbauer Effect 30  (44)
Nagaev E.L., Polnikov V.G., Influence of Giant Zeeman Effect on the Dielectric Constant of an Antiferromagnetic Conductor 33  (48)
Buts V.A., Contribution to the Theory of Instability of Charged-particle Beams Passing Through an Inhomogeneous Medium, and Instability of Non-uniform Moving Beams 36  (52)
Andreev A.F., Meierovich A.E., Dragging of a Liquid by a Liquid Through a Stationary Solid Wall 39  (56)
Afanas'ev Yu.V., Belenov E.M., Poluektov I.A., Optical Breakdown of Molecular Gases 41  (60)
Petukhov B.V., Pokrovskii V.L., Tunneling of Dislocations 44  (63)
Rakhmanov S.Ya., New Method of Amplifying Monochromatic Ultrasound in a Semimetal 47  (66)
Lugovoi V.N., Prokhorov A.M., Possibility of Generating Ultrashort Light Pulses in Lasers with Small Luminescence Line Width of the Medium 49  (70)
Artsimovich L.A., Shafranov V.D., Tokamak with Non-round Section of the Plasma Loop 51  (72)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.