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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Novikov D.N., Malyshev L.G., Magnetic Resonance Line Shift due to Interaction of Spin System with Nonresonant Radio-frequency Field 89  (129)
Petrov M.P., Moskalev V.V., Smolenskii G.A., Effect of Secondary Nuclear Spin Echo in Magnetically Ordered Crystals 91  (132)
Basov N.G., Zavorotnyi S.I., Markin E.P., Nikitin A.I., Oraevskii A.M., Pulsed Chemical High Pressure Laser Using the Mixture D2 + F2 + CO2 93  (135)
Syrovatskii S.I., Frank A.G., Khodzhaev A.Z., Development of a Current Layer when Plasma Moves in a Magnetic Field with a Neutral Line 94  (138)
Alikhanyan A.I., Esin S.K., Ispiryan K.A., Kankanyan S.A., Korkhmazyan N.A., Oganesyan A.G., Tamanyan A.G., Experimental Investigation of X Radiation of UltrarelativistiÓ Electrons in Magnetic Ondulators 98  (142)
Kryukov P.G., Matveets Yu.A., Chekalin S.V., Direct Observation of Refractive Index Gradients Produced in a Liquid by an Ultrashort Laser Pulse 101  (147)
Revokatov O.P., Parfenov S.V., Spin-lattice Relaxation Time in SF in the Critical Temperature Region 103  (151)
Kocharov G.E., Charikov Yu.E., Kharchenko A.A., Gusev G.V., Baskakov A.V., Pulsed Increase of Intensity of Solar X-rays on 10 December 1970 105  (153)
Kharakhash'yan E.G., Cherkasov F.G., Vitol Ya.A., Kessel' A.R., Yudanov V.F., Observation of Spin Echo on Conduction Electrons in Metallic Lithium 107  (156)
Zel'dovich B.Ya., Popovichev V.I., Ragul'skii V.V., Faizullov F.S., Connection Between the Wave Fronts of the Reflected and Exciting Light in Stimulated Mandel ' shtem-Brillouin Scattering 109  (160)
Ter-Martirosyan K.A., Shaberskii Yu.M., Paired Spectra of Particles in Colliding Beams at High Energies 113  (164)
Badalyan A.M., Concerning Resonances in a Three-nucleon System at Low Energies 115  (167)
Kaidalov A.B., Kondratyuk L.A., Mechanism of Inclusive Reactions and Inelastic Screening in the Deuteron 117  (170)
Gaponov Yu.V., Lyutostanskii Yu.S., Possible Existence of I+ Resonance in Charge Exchange Reactions of Spherical Nuclei 120  (173)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.