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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Borman V.D., Laz'ko V.S., Nikolaev ÷.I., Ryabov V.A., Troyan V.I., Resonant Singularities of the Dispersion of the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of Oxygen in Parallel Constant and Alternating Magnetic Fields 123  (177)
Antonov A.V., Balbashov A.M., Baltinskii V.A., Cnervonenkis A.Ya., Concentric Domains in Single-crystal Orthoferrites 126  (182)
Zaritskii A.R., Zakharov S.D., Kryukov P.G., Matveets Yu.A., Fedosimov A.I., Changes in the Spectrum of Back-reflected Radiation in Laser Heating of a Plasma 127  (184)
Akhmanov S.A., Kovrigin A.I., Maksimov S.A ., Ogluzdin V.E., Dispersion of Resonant Nonlinear Susceptibility in Potassium Vapor 129  (186)
Il'ichev N.N., Korobkin V.V., Korsliunov V.A., Malyutin A.A., Okroashvili T.G., Pashinin P.P., Superbroadening of the Spectrum of Ultrashort Pulses in Liquids and Glasses 133  (191)
Baibakov V.I., Datsko V.N., Surface Waves in InSb 135  (195)
Belokrinitskii N.S., Gnatovskii A.V., Danileiko M.V., Zakharov V.P., Kozlov A.V., Shpak M.T., Recording of Optical Information on Amorphous films of Semiconducting Compounds 137  (198)
Basov N.G., Berezin P.D., Blinov L.M., Kompanets I.N., Morozov V.N., Nikitin V.V., Phase Modulation of Coherent Light with the Aid of Liquid Crystals 138  (200)
Brandt N.B., Ioon E.R., Chudinov S.M., Yakovlev G.D., Change of Topology of Fermi Surface in Crystals with an Additional Long Period, and Some Associated Effects 141  (204)
Istomin Ya.N., Karpman V.I., Nonlinear Modulation of a QuasimonochromatiÓ Packet of Whistlers in the Magnetosphere 143  (208)
Nepomnyashchii Yu.A., Bound States of Excitations in a Bose System with a Condensate 146  (211)
Khalfin L.A., High-energy Asymptotic Form of Scattering Amplitudes and Vertex Functions 149  (215)
Baier V.N., Fadin V.S., Inelastic Contributions to Electromagnetic Form Factor of the Pion 151  (219)
Aminov N.M., KĎchelaev B.I., Possibility of Occurrence of "Photon Cascade" in EPR Line Wing Saturation 156  (224)
Zel'dovich B.Ya., Time of Establishment of Stationary Regime of Stimulated Light Scattering 158  (226)
Kuraev E.A., Lipatov L.N., Total Cross Sections for the Production of Electronic and Muonic Pairs in Colliding Electron Beams 159  (229)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.