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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Belyaev Yu.N., Freidman G.I., Trapping of Parametrically Amplified Light Waves in a KDP Crystal 165  (237)
Styrov V.V., Emission of Charged Particles from a Solid Surface on which a Chemical Reaction Takes Place 168  (242)
Tsoi V.S., Radio Frequency Size Effect in Cylindrical Indium Samples 171  (246)
Apollonov V.V., Barchukov A.I., Konyukhov V.K., Prokhorov A.M., ThermoelastiÓ Deformation of a Solid Surface by a Laser Beam 172  (248)
Burchenko P.Ya., Volkov E.D., Kramskoi E.D., Longinov A.V., Miroshnichenko G.A., Nizhnik G.Ya., High-frequency Plasma Heating in a Stellarator 174  (250)
Gasanov L.S., Kovarskii V.Ya., Kruzhanov Yu.V., Stafeev V.I., Magnetosensitive Injection-field Effect in Semiconductors 176  (253)
Ekimov A.I., Safarov V.I., Optical Detection of Dynamic Polarization of Nuclei in Semiconductors 179  (257)
Ivanova N.S., Kulikov V.N., Yakubovskii E.A., Upper Limit of the Content of Antinuclei in Primary Cosmic Rays 182  (261)
Mazan'ko I.P., Petrashko G.A., Influence of "Parasitic" Generation with Wavelength 3.39 μ on the Radiation Fluctuations of an Ne-He Laser Operating in the 0.63 μ Region 183  (263)
Akhmanov S.A., Zhdanov B.V., Kovrigin A.I., Pershin S.M., Effective Stimulated Scattering in the Ultraviolet and Dispersion of Gain in the 1.06 - 0.26 μ Band 185  (266)
Kopylov V.N., Mezhov-Deglin L.P., Influence of Sample Dimensions on the Thermoelectric Power of Bismuth at Helium Temperatures 188  (269)
Berestov A.T., Voronel' A.V., Giterman M.Sh., Singularities of the Diagram of State of an îĆ3-îĆ4 Mixture Due to the Hydrostatic Effect 190  (273)
Adamyants R.A., Alekseev A.D., Kososnitsyn N.I., Correlation Between the "Gravitational Signals" in Weber's Experiment and Solar and Terrestrial Magnetic Activity 194  (277)
Ginzburg V.L., Usov V.V., Concerning the Atmosphere of Magnetic Neutron Stars (Pulsars) 196  (280)
Zel'dovich Ya.B., Ruzmaikina T.V., Highly Excited Electronic Levels of the H2 Molecule in Astrophysics 198  (283)
Kulish Yu.V., Concerning One Possibility of Determining the Charge Form Factor of the Nucleon 201  (286)
Enkovskii L.L., Il'in V.V., Kobylinskii N .A., Tutik R.S., Argand Diagrams for the Quasipotential Amplitude of pp and p\bar{p} Scattering 202  (288)
Terent'ev M.V., Electromagnetic Polarizability of the Pion 204  (290)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.