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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Anisimov M.A., Voronel' A.V., Zaugol'nikova N.S., Ovodov G.I., Specific Heat of Water Near the Mel ting Point and Ornstein-Zernike Fluctuation Corrections 317  (449)
Ekimov A.I., Safarov V.I., Optical Electron-nuclear Resonance in Semiconductors 319  (453)
Ostrovskii L.A., Papilova T.A., Sutin A.M., Parametric Ultrasound Generator 322  (456)
Drabkin G.M., Okorokov A.I., Runov V.V., Anisotropy of Depolarization of a Neutron Beam 324  (458)
Koshelyavskii N.B., Tatarenkov V.M., Titov A.N., Quantum Frequency Reference at 3.39 μ Wavelength 326  (461)
Naumenko I.G., Petinov V.I., Increase of c in Finely-dispersed Tin 328  (464)
Potapov S.E., Concerning the Structure of Neodymium Laser Radiation 330  (467)
Krasyuk I.K., Pashinin P.P., Breakdown in Argon and Nitrogen Under the Influence of a 0.35 μ Picosecond Laser Pulse 333  (471)
Smirnov Yu.N., Timoshenko V.M., Magnetic Contribution to Thermal Expansion of Palladium 334  (473)
Berezhetskaya N.K., Delone N.B., Urazbaev T.T., Temperature Dependence of Multiphoton Ionization of the Hydrogen Molecule 337  (478)
Kamilov I.K., Shakhshaev G.M., Influence of Magnetic Field on the Specific Heat on Gadolinium Iron Garnet in the Vicinity of the Magnetic Compensation Point 339  (480)
Kovarskii V.A., Ferdman N.A., Multiphoton Luminescence Satellites of an Impurity Crystal in a Strong Electromagnetic Field 342  (483)
Kudryavtsev V.A., Generalization of the Neveu-Schwarz Model to Include an Arbitrary Intersection of the ρ Trajectory 345  (487)
Chernyak V.L., Virtual γγ Scattering and New Type of Scaling 348  (491)
Klimontovich Yu.L., Integral Equation for the Paired Correlation Function of Dense Gases and a Plasma 351  (495)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.