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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Basov N.G., Ivanov Yu.S., Krokhin O.N., Mikhailov Yu.A., Sklizkov G.V., Fedotov S.I., Neutron Generation in Spherical Irradiation of a Target by Highpower Laser Radiation 417  (589)
Gaidukov Yu.P., Danilova N. P., New Type of Resistance Oscillatipns in a Magnetic Field 419  (592)
Berezhetskii M.S., Sbitnikova I .S., Shpigel I.S., Nonstationary Phenomena in the Decay of a Plasma in the L-1 Stellerator 423  (596)
Akhmanov S.A., Dmitriev V.G., Kovrigin A. I., Koroteev M.I., Tunkin V.G., Kholodnykh A.I., Active Spectroscopy of Raman Scattering of Light with the Aid of a Quasicontinuously Tunable Parametric Generator 425  (600)
Gadzhiev A.R., Ryvkin S.M., Shlimak I.S., Fast-neutron-compensated n-Germanium as a Model of Amorphous Semiconductors 428  (605)
Personov R.I., Al'shitz E.I., Bykovskaya L.A., Appearance of Fine Structure in Fluorescence Spectra of Laser-excited Complex Molecules 431  (609)
Vasil'eva A.M., Grishina I.A., Pis'mennyi V.D., Rakhimov A.T., Observation of Superheat Instability in a Fully Ionized, Currentcarrying Plasima 433  (613)
Esel'son B.N., Ivanov V.G., Shcherbachenko R.I., New Features of HeII Film Flow Transfer 435  (616)
Kvartskhava I.F., Matveev Yu.V., Reshetnyak N.G., Concerning the Mechanism of Charged-particle Acceleration in a Dynamic Z-pinch 437  (619)
Gurevich L.E., Mezrin O.A., Optoelectrical Effect and Optokinetic Dia- and Paramagnetism 440  (622)
Likharev K.K., Semenov V.K., Fluctuation Spectrum in Superconducting Point Junctions 442  (625)
Kugel' K.I., Khomskii D.I., Superexchange Ordering of Degenerate Orbitals and Magnetic Structure of Dielectrics with Jahn-Teller Ions 446  (629)
Ryvkin S .M., Switching Mechanism in Amorphous Semiconductors 448  (632)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.