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VOLUME 15 (1972) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Andriyakhin V.M., Velikhov E.P., Vasil'tsov V.V., Krasil'nikov S.V., Pis'mennyi V.D., Novobrantsev I.V., Rakhimov A.T., Starostin A.M., Khvostionov V.E., High Pressure Gas Laser with Pre-ionization with a Reactor 451  (637)
Gurevich I.I., Nikol'skii B.A., Selivanov V.I., Two-particle Precession of Muonium In Strong Magnetic Fields 453  (640)
Barabanov I.R., Pomanskii A.A., Ryasnyi V.G., Measurement of the Cross Section of the Reaction Kr80(n, γ)Kr81 for Thermal Neutrons 456  (643)
Latush E.L., Sem M.F., Double Ionization of Magnesium by Thermal Collisions with Helium Ions 457  (645)
Suladze K.V., Formation of Intense Charged Particle Beams in a Current-carrying PIasma 459  (648)
Aleksandrov B.M., Donichkin A.G., Solov'ev S.M., Eismont V.P., Effect of Charge Parity in X-ray Spectra of Fission Products 462  (652)
Lyubovskii R.B., Makova M.K., Khidekel' M.L., Shchegolev I.F., Yagubskii E.B., Localized Character of Electronic States in the Highly Conducting Complex TCNQ with Ditoluolchromium at Low Temperatures 464  (655)
Basov N.G., Belenov E.M., Vol'nov M.I., Gubin M.A., Nikitin V.V., Troshagin V.N., Stabilization of Ring-Laser Frequency 466  (659)
Vul B.M., Zavaritskaya E.I., Voronova I.D., Rozhdestvenskaya N.V., Temperature Dependence of Negative Magnetoresistance in Compensated Gallium Arsenide 468  (661)
Zaroslov D.Yu., Karlova E.K., Karlov N.V., Kuz'min G.P., Prokhorov A.M., Plasma-jet 02 Laser 470  (665)
Alekseevskii N.E., Tsebro V.I., Zakosarenko V.M., Al'shitz A.I., Personov R.I., Superconducting Transition Temperature, Electric Resistance, and Optical Absorption Spectra of Be and Zn Films Evaporated Together on Certain Dielectrics 472  (668)
Sheinkman M.K., Increase of Photosensitivity and Intensity of Luminescence in Photothermal Dissociation of Donor-acceptor Pairs in CdS 476  (673)
Marinov M.S., Description of Temporal Evolution of the System on the Basis of the Relaxation Equation for the Density Matrix 479  (677)
Levin E.M., Ryskin M.G., Multiperipheral Model of μ-meson Interaction 482  (681)
Gevorkyan S.R., Tarasov A.V., Possibility of Studying the Interaction of Longitudinally Polarized V0 Mesons with Nucleons in the Reaction π- → V0A" 485  (684)
Gorenshtein M.I., Zinov'ev G.M., Makarov V.I., Miranskii V.A., Shelest V.P., Statistical Approach to the Calculation of Resonant Width and Multiplicity in Dual Models 487  (685)
Kolkunov V.A., Ter-Martirosyan K.A., Shabel'skii Yu.M., Interpolation Formula for the Spectra of Particles Produced at High Energy 489  (690)
Aliev Yu.M., Gradov O.M., Kirii A.Yu., Excitation of Volume Ion-acoustic Oscillations in an Inhomogeneous Dense Plasma by the Field of an Electromagnetic Wave 493  (694)
Gladun A.D., Ryzhii V.I., Instability in Optically-pumped Semiconductors in Strong Magnetic Fields 495  (696)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.