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VOLUME 16 (1972) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Popov Yu.M., Laser Based on. Manganese Centers in Zinc Sulfide 1  (3)
Vashkovskii A.V., Zubkov V.I., Kil'dishev V.N., Murmuzhev B.A., Interaction of Surface Magnetostatic Waves with Carriers on a Ferritte-Semiconductor Interface 2  (4)
Egorov L.A., Nitochkina E.V., Orekin Yu.K., Registration of Debyegram of Aluminum Compressed by a Shock Wave 4  (8)
Men'shikov A.Z., Sidorov S.K., Kuz'min N.N., Mixed Exchange Interaction in fcc Iron-Palladium Alloys 6  (11)
Bagaev S.N., Baklanov E.V., Chebotaev V.I., Measurement of Elastic Scattering Cross Sections in a Gas by Laser Spectroscopy Methods 9  (15)
Mainfray G., Manus C., Tugov I., Multiphoton Dissociation, Predissociation, and Autoionization of the Hydrogen Molecule 12  (19)
Kitaev V.F., Kulevskii L.A., Polivanov Yu.M ., Poluektov S.N., Fermi Resonance in Raman Scattering of Light by Polaritons in an α-HIO3 3 Crystal 15  (23)
Mikaelyan A.L., D'yachenko V.V., Conservation of Wave Front in Strongly Deformed Solid Media 17  (25)
Gavrilov V.P., Kolomenskii A.A., Possibility of Accelerating Many-level Systems and Multipole-moment Systems Moving in an Inverted Medium 19  (29)
Sukhorukov S .T., Ter-Martirosyan K.A., Total Cross Sections and Cone Slope - theory and Experiment 22  (32)
Trubnikov B.A., Yield Coefficient of Cyclotron Radiation from a "Thermonuclear" 25  (37)
Isaev A.A., Kazaryan M.A., Petrash G.G., Effective Pulsed Copper-vapor Laser with High Average Generation Power 27  (40)
Bulaevskii L.N., Lyubovskii R.B., Shchegolev I. F., Mott Transition Quasi -one-dimensional Disordered Systems 29  (42)
Gnedin Yu.N., Dolginov A. Z., Fedorenko V.N., Possible Explanation of Non-power-law Radio Spectra of Cosmic Radio Sources 31  (45)
Adainovich M.I., Lebedev A.I., Coherent Photoproduction of Heavy Neutral Mesons on Spin-0 Nuclei 32  (47)
Efimov V., Level Spectrum of Three Resonantly Interacting Particles 34  (50)
Kafiev Yu.N., Serebryakov V.V., Diffraction Production of A1 Meson 37  (54)
Kopysov Yu.S., Fetisov N.V., Do the Experiments with Solar Neutrinos Point to the Existence of a Resonance in the He3 + He3 System? 39  (58)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.