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VOLUME 16 (1972) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Alekseev V.P., Gol'danskii V.I., Prusakov V.E., Nefed'ev A.V., Stukan R.S., Observation of Fast Intramolecular Electron Transfer by the Gamma Resonance Spectroscopy (GRS) Method 43  (65)
Presiantsev I.G., Pis'mennyi V. D., Rakhimov A.T., Starostin A.N., Radial Distribution of Fast Electron in a Z Pinch 45  (68)
Alekseev V.A., Vedenov A.A., Ovcharenko V.G., Ryzhkov Yu.F., Starostin A.N., Nature of the Thermoelectric Power of Mercury in the Transcritical State 49  (73)
Antuf'ev Yu.N ., Agranovich V.L ., Kuz'menko V.S., Miroshnichenko I.I., Sorokin P.V., Investigation of the Reaction (e, e' p) on Li6 52  (77)
Voloshko A.Yu., Vitsenya V.S., Loginov A.V., Miroshnichenko G.A., Nizhnikh G.Ya., Solodovchenko S.I., High-frequency Plasma Heating in a Toroidal Trap 54  (80)
Khmel'nitskii D.E., Shneerson V.L., Spin-lattice Relaxation in Grystals with Soft Optical Phonons 57  (84)
Pisarev A.F., Pisarev V.F., Revenko G.S., Crystalline Filamentary Particle Counter 58  (86)
Ivanov N.V., Kovan I.A., Kozlov L.I., Los' E. V., Svishchev V.S., Shvindt N.N., Experiment on Magnetosonic Heating of Ions in the Tokamak TO-1 60  (88)
Venttsel' V.A., Voronov O.A., Likhter A.I., Rudnev A.V., Influence of Pressure on the Fermi Surface of Zinc 62  (91)
Karlov N .V., Komissarov V.M., Kuz'min G.P., Prokhorov A.M., Effect of Plasma Mirror in the Breakdown of Air in a Co2 Laser Cavity 65  (95)
Zavaritskii N.V., Investigation of Magnetic Field Excited in a Metal by Heat Flow 67  (99)
Zakharov V.I ., Okun' L.B., The Problem of the KL → 2μ Decay and μ-mesic Atoms 70  (102)
Amus'ya M.Ya., Gridnev A.B., Calculation of the Cross Section of the Reaction p + A → π+ (A + 1) in the Single-particle Model 73  (105)
Bonch-Bruevich V.L., Capek V.K., Concerning one Mechanism of the Photoconductivity of Disordered Semiconductors 75  (109)
Nezlin M.V., Plasma Heating in Closed Magnetic Traps by Injection of Fast Neutral Atoms 78  (112)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.