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VOLUME 16 (1972) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Aleksandrov A.Yu., Ionov S.I., Baltrunas D.A., Makarov E.F., Cooperative Tunnel Effect in Semiconducting Antimony Compounds Having a Mixed Valence 147  (209)
Askar'yan G.A., Diyanov Kh.A., Mukhamadzhanov M., Elimination of Self Collapse of a Powerful Beam in a Nonlinear Medium With the Aid of a Raster - Multipie Waveguide Energy Propagation Diffraction Grating in a Nonlinear Medium 149  (211)
Vedeneev S.I ., Golovashkin A. I., Motulevich G.P., Low-frequency Maxima of the Density of State of Phonons Harmonics and Subharmonics of the Energy Gap of Nb3Sn 152  (216)
Zharov V.F., Malinovskii V.K., Neganov Yu.S., Chumak G.M., Effectiveness of Excitation of Lasing in an F2 + H2 Mixture by a Beam of Relativistic Electrons 154  (219)
Zuev V.S., Kormer S.B., Mikheev L.D., Sinitsyn M.V., Sobel'man I.I., Startsev G.I., Onset of Inversion in the 1Σg+3Σg- Transition of Molecular Su'phur Following the Photodissociation of COS 157  (222)
Levitin R.Z., Popov Yu.F, Chistyakov O.D., Yakovenko V.L., Nature of Magnetostriction of Dysprosium and of its Alloys with Gadolinium 158  (224)
Gershenzon E.M., Gol'tsman G.N ., Ptitsina N.G., Observation of the Free-exciton Spectrum at Submillimeter Wavelengths 161  (228)
Pavlov D.W., Parshin A.Ya., Peshkov V.P., Egiazarov B.G., Shamov A.I., Romashko V.P., Mossbauer Thermometer Uising Sn119 Nuclei in the Millidegree Region 163  (231)
Al'tshuler S.A., Aukhadeev F.L., Valeev I.I., Konov I.S., Malkin B.Z., Teplov M.A., NMR in Paramagnetic Terbium Ethyl Sulfate and in Antiferromagnetic Terbium Trifluoride 164  (233)
Grasyuk A.Z., Zubarev I. G., Suyazov N.V., Influence of Spectral Line Width of Exciting Radiation on the Gain in Stimulated Scattering 166  (237)
Vereshchagin L.F., Yakovlev E.N., Stepanov G.N., Bibaev K.Kh., Vinogradov B.V., 2.5 Megabar Pressure in Anvils Made of Carbonado Type Diamond 169  (240)
Sirota N.l., Gostishchev V.I., Drozd A.A., Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum in Strong Magnetic Fields at Low Temperatures 170  (242)
Fugol' I.Ya., Savchenko E.V., Belov A.G., Luminescence of Solid Neon 172  (245)
Gendenshtein L.E., Kaidalov A.G., Spectra of Partitles and Antiparticles in the Central Region 174  (249)
Avdeeva G.M., Migdal A.A., Equation of state in (4 - \varepsilon)-Dimensional Ising Model 178  (253)
Gantmakher V. F., Effect of Collisions with Phonons on the Dingle Temperature for Quantum Oscillations 180  (256)
Kompaneets A.S., Romanova V.I., Yampol'skii P.A., Conversion from Shock to Isentropic Compression 183  (259)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.