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VOLUME 16 (1972) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Mavrin B.N., Sterin Kh.E., Fermi Resonance of Polariton with Biphonon in an LiNbO3 Crystal 187  (265)
Krinchik G.S., Krylova V.A., Equatorial Kerr Effect in Iron Garnets 188  (267)
Ashkinadze B.M., Sultanov F.K., Investigation of the Metal-dielectric Transition in Ge and Si by a Microwave Method 190  (271)
Plakchtii V.P., Golosovskii I.V., Duryashev V.A., Smirnov O.P., Magnetic Ordering in Garnets with Divalent Nickel and Cobalt Ions in an Octahedral Lattice 194  (276)
Zhdanov M . G., Zil'berman P. E ., Kagan M.S., Kalashnikov S.G., Dynamic Negative Conductivity Due to Nonlinearity of the Current Voltage Characteristic and to the Finite Electric-conductivity Relaxation Time 196  (279)
Ozerov R.P., Fadeeva N.V., Magntetic Structure of the Antiferromagnetic Garnet NaCa2Co2V3)12 198  (282)
Grigor'ev F.V., Kormer S.B., Mikhailova.O.L., Tolochko A.P., Urlin V.D., Experimental Determination of the Compressibility of Hydrogen at Densities 0.5- 2 g/cm3 Metallization of Hydrogen 201  (286)
Altukhov P.O., Dite A.F., Revenko V.I., Timofeev V.B., Fain V.M., Degeneracy of Exciton Gas Following Powerful Optical Excitation in CdS Crystal 204  (291)
Azbel' M.Ya., Pavlov S.D., Gamalya I.A., Vereshchagin A.N., Experimental Determination of the Angular Dependence of the Electron Reflection Coefficient 207  (295)
Romanov G.N., Shakhidzhanov S.S., Amplification of Electromagnetic Field in Total Internal Reflection from a Region of Inverted Population 209  (298)
Basov N.G., Oreavsklii A.N., Suchkov A.F., Possibiliity of Generating Ultrashort Laser Pulses on Combination Vibrational - rotational Transitions of Molecular Hydrogen 211  (301)
Almazov L.A., Vasko F.T., Dykman I.M., Influence of Carrier Drift on the Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave in a Solid-state Plasma 214  (305)
Pustovalov V.V., Silin V.P., Stationary Turbulence of a Parametrically Unstable Plasma 216  (308)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.