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VOLUME 16 (1972) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Mikaelyan L.A., What is the Penetrating Ability of the Neutrino? 221  (313)
Alikhan'yan A.I., Belyakov E.S., Garibyan G.M., Dorikyan M .˛., Markaryan K.Zh., Shikhlyarov K.K., Separation of Ultrahigh Energy Particles by the Transition Radiation Method 222  (315)
Varl┴mov V.G., Dobretsov Yu.D., Dolgoshein ¸.A., Krillov-Ugryumov V. G., Rogozhin A.M., Depolarization of Negative Muons in Helium and Neon 224  (318)
Lorikyan M.P., Kavalov R.L., Trofimchuk N.N., Anomalous Secondary Emission at Energies 226  (320)
Tkachuk A.M., Fedorov A.A., Effect of Stimulation of Nonradiative Transition by Intense Optical Excitation 229  (324)
Chicherov V.M., Energy Spectra of Neutral Components in Scattering by a Solid Target 231  (328)
Lozenko A.F., Ryabchenko S.M., Splitting of the Spectrum of Low-frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance in NiCl2 234  (332)
Akulenok E.M., Danileiko Yu.K., Manenkov A .A ., Nechitailo V.S., Piskunov A.D., Khaimov-Mal'kov .Ya., Mechanics of Damage to Ruby Crystall by Laser Radiation 238  (336)
Antuf'ev Yu.P., Agranovich V.L., Kuz'menko V.S., Sorokin P.V., Angular Distribution of Protons in the Reaction Li6 (e, e' p)He5 at Electron Energy 1158 MeV 240  (339)
Gindin I.A., Lavrinenko I.S., Neklyudov I.M., Influence of Constant Magnetic Field on the Magnitude of the Magnetoplastic Effect 241  (341)
Bagaev S.N., Baklanov E.V., Chebotaev V.P., Anomalous Decrease of the Shift of the Center of the Lamb Dip in Low-pressure Molecular Gases 243  (344)
Borisenko A.G., Kirichenko G.S., Relaxation of Ion Injected into a Plasma Transversely to a Magnetic Field 247  (349)
Dal'karov O.D., Samoilov V.M., Level Shifts and Widths of p\bar{p}-atom 249  (353)
Popov V.S., Critical Charge in the Two-center Problem 251  (355)
Vvedenskii V.L., Jump of Specific Heat of Liquid He3 at 2.65× 10-30 K 254  (358)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.