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VOLUME 19 (1974) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Zvarykina A.V. , Stryukov V.B., Fedutin D.N., Shapiro A.B., Nature of noninteracting spins in organic paramagnets 1  (3)
Vinnikov L.Ya., Zharikov O.V., Kopetskii Ch.P., Shiyanova E.N., Dependence of the critical-current density on the grain dimension in polycrystalline niobium 3  (7)
Volkov A.F., Kogan Sh.M., Temperature domains in superconductor films 4  (9)
Proklov V.V., Mirgorodskii V.I., Shkerdin G.N., Gulyaev Yu.V., Observation of light diffraction by electron waves accompanying sound in piezosemiconductors 7  (13)
Aglitskii E.V., Boiko V.A., Zakharov S.M., Pikuz S.A.,Faenov A.Ya., Identification of transitions from doubly excited levels of lithium-like Ti and V ions contained in a laser plasma 8  (16)
Anan'in O.B., Baldin A.M., Beznogikh Yu.D., Bykovskii Yu.A., Zinov'ev L.P., Kozyrev Yu.P., Monchinskii V.A., Semenyushkin I.N., Acceleration of laser-plasma ions with the preinjector of the JINR linear proton synchrotron 10  (19)
Litvak A.G., Fraiman G.M., Yunakovskii A.D., Self-focusing of Langmuir Oscillations 13  (23)
Agranovich V.M. , Raman scattering of light by surface polaritons in media with inversion centers 16  (28)
Matyash P.P., Skakun N.A., Dikii N.P., Use of proton channeling to determine the location of oxygen dissolved in a niobium single crystal 18  (31)
Anikeev V.B., Dynamics of active mode phasing in a pulsed laser with periodic loss modulation 20  (34)
Volosov V.D., Krylov V. N., Serebryakov V.A., Sokolov D.V., Highly effective generation of the second and fourth harmonics of high-power picosecond pulses 23  (38)
Gryanik V.M., Nonlinear absorption of electromagnetic energy in an isotropic ferromagnet 25  (42)
Birich G.N., Drozd G.I., Sorokin V.N., Struk I.I., Photodissociation iodine laser using compounds containing group-V atoms 27  (44)
Bir G.L., Krigel' V.G., Pikus G.E., Farbshtein I.I., Zeeman effect on acceptor centers and negative magnetoresistance in tellurium 29  (48)
Berkov V.I., Morozov A.I., Plasma parameters in a magnetoplasma compressor in the compression zone 32  (52)
Smorodinskii Ya. A., Relativistic expansion of amplitudes and the parton model 34  (55)
Zhizhin E.D., Konoplich R.V., Nikitin Yu.P., Rodionov B.U., Possibility of using the process ν + e → ν + e + γ to register neutrinos of energy \sim 1 MeV 36  (57)
Gendenshtein L.D., Kaidalov A.B., Chernavskii D.S., Structure of Pomeranchuk pole and inclusive spectra 38  (61)
Goryachev B.I., Kuznetsov Yu.V., Orlin V.N., Pozhidaeva N.A., Shevchenko V. G., Structure of the giant dopole resonance of the nuclei Er166 and Hf178 41  (65)
Malakyan Yu.P., Radiative decay of Σ+ hyperon 43  (68)
Dzhilkibaev R.M., Kuraev E.A., Fadin V.S., Khoze V.A., Possible explanation of the experiment on high-energy photon splitting in the field of a. nucleus 47  (73)
Marinov M.S., Popov V.S., Stolin V.L., Variational calculation of the critical distance between nuclei 49  (76)
Bilen'kaya S.I., Kazarinov Yu.M., Lapidus L.I., Deep inelastic lepton-proton scattering and μ-e universality 51  (80)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.