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VOLUME 19 (1974) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Artemenko S.N., Shul'man A.Ya., Effect of smooth fluctuations of the composition of a semiconducting solid solution on the shape of the intrinsic absorption edge 89  (145)
Minaichev E.V., Myasishcheva G.G., Obukhov Yu.V. Roganov, V.S., Savel'ev G.I., Firsov V.G., "Slow" depolarization of positive muons in aqueous solutions of paramagnetic ions 92  (149)
Ryzhov N.M., Sizonenko V.L., Suprunenko V.A., Sukhomlin E.A., Observation of magnetic-drift instability in a system with large β 94  (153)
Delyagin N.N., Nesterov V.I., Observation of "fine structure" of the magnetic anomaly of the isomer shift 96  (156)
Stetsenko P.N., Surikov V.V., Magnetic moment of Mn atoms in the Ni1-xMnx system 97  (159)
Zhikharev V.A., Kessel' A.R., Kharakhash'yan E.G., Cherkasov F.G., Yudanov V.F.,Vitol A.Ya., Law of spin-echo damping of conduction electrons in metals 100  (162)
Deigen M.F., Bugmeister B.E., Electric field mechanism of relaxation of paramagnetic centers interacting with carriers 102  (165)
Volkov B.A., Kopaev Yu. V., Contribution to the theory of band ferromagnetism 104  (168)
Lominadze D.G., Onishchenko I.N., Panchenko I.P., Shevchenko V.I., Contribution to the nonlinear theory of cyclotron instability 107  (172)
Lugovoi V.N., Diffraction limit of focusing of ultrashort light pulses by a zone plate 110  (176)
Zelevinskii V.G., Possibility of dynamic deformation of spherical nuclei 112  (179)
Zil'berman P. E., Dynamic negative differential conductivity (NDC) in homogeneous and electrically-stable semiconductors 114  (182)
Solov'ev L. D., Growth of total cross sections and elastic scattering 116  (185)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.