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VOLUME 19 (1974) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Yakovlev V.A., Zhizhin G.N., Surface oscillations in the crystals AIO3, LiNbO3, and Y3Fe5O12 189  (333)
Basov N.G., Belenov E.M., Gavrilina L.K., Isakov V.A., Markin E.P., Oraevskii A.N., Romanenko V.I., Ferapontov N.B., Isotope separation in chemical reactions occurring under thermodynamic nonequilibrium conditions 190  (336)
Tekhver I.Yu., Khizhnyakov V.V., Transfer of electronic excitation during the course of vibrational relaxation 191  (338)
Perel'man T.L., Fridman A.Kh., El'yashevich M.M., Connection between the/V-soliton solution of the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation with the solution of the KdV equation 193  (342)
Leontovich A.M. , Mozharovskii A.M., Effect of self-induced transparency in ruby at 105° K 195  (347)
Popovichev V.I., Ragul'skii V.V., Faizullov F.S., Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering excited by radiation with a broad spectrum 196  (350)
Androsenko Kh.D., Smirenkin G.N., Angular anisotropy of the fission of Th232 by neutrons deep below the threshold 199  (355)
Grekhov I.V., Otblesk A.E., Thermal pinching of current in long silicon diodes having a single-valued current-voltage characteristic 200  (358)
Dolgov A.D., Zakharov V.I., Neutral currents in neutrino experiment, and light neutral intermediate boson 201  (361)
Velikhov E.P., Zemtsov Yu.K., Kovalev A.S., Persiantsev I.G., Pismennyi V.D., Rakhimov A.T., Quasistationary atmospheric-pressure CO2 laser with non-self-maintaining discharge controlled by an electronic beam 203  (364)
Gnatovskii A.V., Belenov E.M., Danileiko M.V., Nikitin V.V., Fedin V.P., Shpak M.T., Concerning the reproducibility of the frequency of a laser stabilized against the transition frequency of the absorbing gas 205  (368)
Dubovikov M.S., Thermodynamic method of calculating multiperipheral diagrams 206  (371)
Edel'shtein V.M., Rayleigh scattering of light by a polar gas 208  (376)
Fugol' I.Ya., Savchenko E.V., Belov A.G., Poltoratskii Yu.B., Singularities of the emission spectrum of solid argon 209  (378)
Bashko V.A., Zalesskii Yu.G., Musil I., Nazarov N.I., Propagation of electron cyclotron wave in a plasma-beam system 211  (383)
Novikov B.V., Sokolov N.S., Kholodkevich S.V., Formation of electron-neutral donor complexes in indirect optical transitions in germanium crystals 212  (385)
Krokhin O.N., Nikolaev F.A., Sklizkov G.V., Possibility of measuring the density in the region of compression of a laser thermonuclear target by nuclear-physics methods 214  (389)
Nagibarov V.R., Pirozhkov A.V., Samartsev V.V., Usmanov R.G., Self-contraction of laser pulses in molecular rubidium vapor 215  (391)
Moskalev A.N., Parity nonconservation effects due to neutral weak currents in mesic atoms 216  (394)
Barmin V.V., Davidenko G.V., Demidov V.S., Dolgolenko A.G., Shebanov V.A., Shishov N.N., Experimental bound on the probability of the decay KL→ η2 (480)+ γ 218  (398)
Dushenko V.F., Kobushkin A.P., Sinyukov Yu.M., Quark model for currents and electromagnetic hadron interactions 219  (400)
Atanelishvili M.I., Berdzenishvili O.L., Verbetskii Yu.G., Gromov Yu.A., Kotlyarevskii D.M., Matsaberidze V.F., Struchalina A.V., Chikovani L.D., Tsomaya P.V., Shtemanetyan G.Z., Dependence of the secondary-particle multiplicity on the target-nucleus atomic weight and cross section of inelastic interactions 221  (405)
Petrun'kin V.A., Startsev S.A., Strong-interaction corrections to the muon anomalous moment and to the photon propagator 223  (409)
Ginzburg I.F., Feasibility of direct study of the character of strong interactions at short distances in experiments on e^\pm e collisions. Role of quasilocal terms 224  (413)
Esaibegyan S.V., Matinyan S.G., Vector partons? 227  (418)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.