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VOLUME 19 (1974) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kartashev K.B., Pistunovich V.I., Platonov V.V., Ryutov V.D., Filimonova E.A., Anomalous scattering of the energy of a plasma jet interacting with a gas target 263  (493)
Roikhvarger Z.B., Evolutionality and width of shock waves 264  (496)
Lukash V.N., Homogeneous cosmological models with gravitational waves and rotation 265  (499)
Ternov I.M., Khalilov V.R., Chizhov G.A., Maglevannyi I.I., Electromagnetic radiation of a charge in a Kerr field 267  (503)
Kolganov V.A., Contribution to the theory of magnetoelectric resonance 270  (508)
Mikhailov N.N., Voronova I.V., Lavrova O.A., Mel'nikov E.V., Smirnova M.N., Superconductivity of bulky Nb3Ge above 22 ° K 271  (510)
Pekar' G.S., Luk'yanchikova N.B., Hoang Mi Shin, Sheinkman M.K., Injection light-emitting diodes based on low-resistance ZnS with blue and green emission 272  (513)
Liksonov V.I., Sidorov Yu.L., Smirnov V.P., Generation and focusing of a strong-current electron beam in a low-impedance diode 273  (516)
Gamalii E.G., Calculations of the compression and heating of experimental targets of deuterized polyethylene 275  (520)
Tsukerblat B.S., Novotortsev V.M., Kulyavskaya B.Ya., Belinskii M.I., Abov A.V., Bazhan A.N., Kalinnikov V.T., Observation of Dzyaloshinskii interaction in three-nucleus clusters of copper (II) 277  (525)
Vikhrev V.V., Korzhavin M., Break of the current sheath in a noncylindrical Z pinch 279  (528)
Duisebaev A.D., Ivanov G.N., Kebin E.I., Nechaev Yu.l., Solov'ev Yu.V., Sukharevskii V.G., Khaimin V.A., Search for highly excited state of the Li6 nucleus 280  (531)
Dal'karov O.D., Khoze V.A., Shapiro I.S., Multiple generation of pions in colliding electron-positron beams 282  (534)
Migdal A.B., The π condensate and data on the scattering of electrons by nuclei 284  (539)
Smirnov Yu.F., Obukhovskii I.T., Neudachin V.G., Chuvil'skii Yu.M., Mukhtarova M.I., The 12C nucleus as a system with forbidden states 285  (542)
Kamerdzhiev S.P., Two-particle-two-hole levels in nuclei in the Green's function method 287  (545)
Stavisskii Yu.A., Concerning the use of supercompression of matter by reactive pressure to obtain neutron pulses 288  (548)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.