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VOLUME 19 (1974) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bykovskii Yu.A., Velichanskii V.L., Egorov V.K., Zibrov A.S., Maslov V.A., Optical pumping and nonlinear effects in the spectroscopy of the cesium D2 line 345  (665)
Ishchenko V.I., Lisitsyn V.N., Razhev A.M., Rautian S.G., Shalagin A.M., Splitting of superradiance emission lines of pulsed lasers 346  (669)
Pushkina N.I., Khokhlov R.V., Parametric excitation of second sound by first sound in liquid helium II 348  (672)
Alakseevskii N.E., Samarskii Yu.A., Wolf H., Tsebro V.I., Zakosarenko V.M., Critical magnetic fields of superconducting palladium hydride 350  (676)
Kolganov V.A., L'vov V.S., Shirokov M.I., Nonlinear theory of parametric excitation of spin waves in antiferromagnets 351  (680)
Kveder V.V., Prozorova L.A., Investigation of the beyond-threshold susceptibility in antiferromagnetic MnCO3 and CsMnF3 in parametric excitation of spin waves 353  (683)
Stryukov V.B., Fedotin D.N., Zvarykina A.V., Temperature shift of EPR line in exchange-coupled spin groups 355  (687)
Vol'nin E.N., Vorob'ev A.A., Seliverstov D.M., Production of light fragments in the interaction of 1-GeV protons with silver nuclei 357  (691)
Gol'dshtein, Shostak V.B., Afanas'ev N.G., Vlasenko V.G., Kuplennikov E.L., Startsev V.I., Investigation of the reaction Be9 (e,e'p)Li8 with registration of (e,p) coincidences 358  (695)
Narodetskii I.M., Grach I.L., Polarization of short-lived states in electroexcitation reactions 360  (698)
Blokhintsev L.D., Connection between the vertex constants and the electromagnetic form factors of nuclei 362  (703)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.