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VOLUME 20 (1974) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Linde A.D., Erratum: Is the Lee constant a cosmological constant? [JETP Lett. 19,183 (1974)] 29  ()
Zuev V.A., Korbutyak D.V., Litovchenko V.G., Observation of surfons in surface photoluminescence spectra (GaAs) 1  (3)
Zakharov V.E., Mastryukov A.F., Synakh V.S., Two-dimensional collapse of Langmuir waves 3  (7)
Bruckner F., Dnestrovskii V.S., Koshchug D.G., Self-induced transparency of excitons 4  (10)
Shik A.Ya., Hall effect and electron mobility in inhomogeneous semiconductors 5  (14)
Dvornikov D.P., Salmanov V.M., Yaroshetskii I.D., Observation of resonance radiation in the region of the continuous spectrum of semiconductors 7  (17)
Brandt N.B., Berman I.V., Kurkin Yu.P., New superconducting modifications of yttrium 8  (20)
Fet A.I., Conformal group and chemical affinity 10  (24)
Voronov V.V., Dorozhkin L.M., Kizel' V.A., Maskaev Yu.A., Certain nonlinear properties of the single crystal Ba2NaNb5O15 11  (26)
Kagan Yu., Use of the anomalous passage effect to obtain stimulated emission of γ quanta in a crystal 11  (27)
Fortov V.E., Leont'ev A.A., Dremin A.N., Pershin S.V., Isentropic expansion of shock-compressed lead 13  (30)
Fiks V.B., Motion of electron-hole drops, excitons, and excitonic molecules under the influence of electron wind 14  (33)
Gor'kov L.P., Dzyaloshinskii I.E., Fluctuation increment to the conductivity in quasi-one-dimensional systems near a structure transition 16  (37)
Bazhin H.M., Skubnevskaya G.I., Sorokin N.I., Molin Yu. N., Photochemical separation of the isotopes H and D in an H2CO-D2CO mixture by the isotopic-filtration method 18  (41)
Gamtsemlidze G.A., Dzhaparidze Sh.A., Tsaava D.N., Experimental check on the two-component model of a normal liquid (He-l) 19  (45)
Gyuzalyan R.N., Tunable Raman laser using oblique polaritons 21  (48)
Zverev L.P., Kruzhaev V.V., Negashev S.A., Mechanism of radiative recombination in strongly doped p-GaAs 22  (52)
Krolevets N.M., Lepsveridze D.S., Sal'kov E.A., Shepel'skii G.A., Manifestation of domain instability and the Franz-Keldysh effect in the recombination radiation of CdS single crystals 24  (56)
Alekseevskii N.E., Dobrovol'skii N.M., Tsebro V.I., Superconducting and magnetic properties of ternary chalcogenides of molybdenum 25  (59)
Levinson I.B., Rashba E.I., Nonlinear polarization interaction of electrons with short-wave phonons 27  (63)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.